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wonosobo    0.909619

blora    0.905072

brebes    0.900659

purbalingga    0.898756

tasikmalaya    0.898691

boyolali    0.895739

grobogan    0.894670

majalengka    0.893014

temanggung    0.891986

sukoharjo    0.890385

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Banjarnegara Banjarnegara is a town in Central Java, Indonesia and the seat of Banjarnegara Regency. It is 55 km from the Dieng Plateau region and a centre for ceramic arts.
Banjarnegara Regency Banjarnegara is a regency () in the southwestern part of Central Java province in Indonesia. The regency covers an area of 1,023.73 km, and it had a population of 868,913 at the 2010 Census; the latest official estimate (as at January 2014) is 879,570. Its capital is the town of Banjarnegara.
Banjarnegara Regency Banjarnegara Regency comprises twenty districts ("kecamatan"), tabulated below with their populations at the 2010 Census:
Indonesian National Route 9 Ajibarang - Purwokerto - Sokaraja - Kaliori - Banyumas - Klampok - Banjarnegara - Selokromo - Wonosobo - Kretek - Parakan - Bulu - Kedu - Temanggung - Kranggan - Secang
2014 Indonesia landslide The 2014 Banjarnegara landslide was one of the worst and deadliest landslide in Indonesia since 2006. Indonesian official concluded that heavy rain were blamed for the mass human life loss, although human error were also a prime suspect. As the result of the tragedy, the Indonesian government began inspecting all regencies and district on high-risk area, particularly Banjarnegara itself.
Wirasaba Airport 850 meters current grass airstrip will be extended by 6 regencies: Banyumas Regency, Purbalingga Regency, Banjarnegara Regency, Kebumen Regency, Wonosobo Regency and Pemalang Regency to 1,850 or 2,000 meters runway with hard pavement.
2014 Indonesia landslide On 13 December 2014, a landslide in Banjarnegara, Central Java, Indonesia, killing 93 with 23 people missing. The disaster occurred on Jemblung Village in Banjarnegara, Indonesia, at Friday, around 03.00 p.m. At the time, most of the villagers were taking a nap on their houses. The landslides also trapped some vehicles on the road. Amateur video caught the moment when a large piece of the mountain fell to the whole village. Indonesian authority said that at least around 100 people are feared dead and 300 houses were destroyed.
Chris John (boxer) Chris John was born as "Yohannes Christian John" in Banjarnegara, 14 September 1979, he is the second son of four siblings of Johan Tjahjadi (aka Tjia Foek Sem) and Maria Warsini. Boxing has been a part of John's life since his childhood. John's father was a former amateur boxer in Indonesia. He introduced boxing to his sons, John and his younger brother Adrian, at an early age of 5. John's Father inspired him by regaling with stories of hard fought battles and triumphant victories. Given the choice to fight or pursue other sports, John chose boxing and became an amateur champion in Banjarnegara.
Lampung Sakti Previously, lampung sakti named Persires Sukoharjo. Persires was change their name 7 times. At 1962, persires based in rengat and use Persires Rengat as their club name. At the middle 2011, mergering with Bali Devata FC and named Persires Bali Devata FC. Then they named Persires Banjarnegara after their move to Banjarnegara. At 2013, they move again to watubelah cirebon and change the name again to Persires Cirebon. At 2014, they move to Mashud Wisnusaputra Stadium, Kuningan with named Persires Kuningan FC. At 2015, they move to sukoharjo and change their name again.
Muhammadiyah University of Magelang UMM is categorized as a middle university in Indonesia. Every year, it receives 1000-1500 student applications from around Indonesia. The majority of students come from Central Java, especially from Kedu plateau areas such as Magelang, Temanggung, Wonosobo, Banjarnegara, Kebumen, and Purworejo.