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Blora Regency Blora regency consists of both low land and hill area between 20–280 meters high above sea level. In the north part of regency is dominated by hilly area that forms the series of Northern Limestone Mountain as well as in the south area (Kendeng Mountain) that stretches from east of Semarang to Lamongan (East Java). The capital of Blora regency is located right on the slope of Northern Limestone Mountain.
Blora Regency Half of Blora regency area are forests, especially on the north, east and south region while the central low land is mainly used for agricultural purposes (rice fields). During the dry season, most of the area of Blora regency is short of water supply, either for drinking or irrigation.
Blora Regency This regency consists of 17 districts ("kecamatan") as follows:
Blora Regency Blora also situated on a southern railway connection that linked to most big cities in Java. However, Blora main train station is located in Cepu sub-district therefore peoples often referred Cepu train station.Except two above, Blora just like any other regencies in Java has a local public transportation such as: bemo, becak, etc.
Blora Regency Blora Regency is a regency in the northeastern part of Central Java province in Indonesia. Its capital is Blora. This regency is located at the easternmost of Central Java province, and is bordered by Bengawan Solo River with East Java province.
Blora Regency A mystical religious sect, Saminism, rose from Blora, and gained prominence in the early 20th century. Headed by a Javanese peasant, Surontiko Samin, it followed the teachings of the Islamic prophet Adam, but owed little to the religion. Stressing the village structure, mysticism, and sexuality, it became an early protest movement, and was opposed to the local rulers as much as it was against the Dutch East Indies colonial administration, refusing to pay the new Dutch head tax. The movements survived until the 1960s.
Blora Regency Ngloram (Kapuan) Domestic Airport at Ngloram (Kapuan), Cepu District with 900 meter long runway located at which built in 1978, but officially closed in 1984. In 2013, expansion land acquisition is still in the progress inline with reactivated airport plan.
Blora Regency Blora is situated on the Inter-Province road that connecting Semarang as the capital of Central Java Province to Surabaya as the capital of East Java Province via Purwodadi. It's actually the 2nd class road, because most of peoples preferred to choose Semarang-Surabaya via Rembang.
Persikaba Blora Persikaba stands for Persatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Blora ("en: Football Association of Blora"). Persikaba Blora is an Indonesian football club based in Blora Regency, Central Java. They currently play in Liga Nusantara.
2012 Liga Indonesia First Division (BLAI) All match played in Kridosono Stadium, Blora Regency