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Persibas Banyumas Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia Banyumas, commonly known as Persibas Banyumas, or Persibas, is an Indonesian football team based in Banyumas Regency, Central Java. They currently play at the Indonesia Soccer Championship B.
Persibas Banyumas Persibas plays their home matches in Satria Stadium.
Persibas Banyumas The club's supporters who call themselves as the Laskar Bombastik.
Banyumas Regency The term "Banyumasan" is also used as an adjective referring to the culture, language and peoples of the wider Banyumas area, equivalent to the pre-independence Banyumas Residency. The language of Banyumasan is of Austronesian origin, and is usually considered to be a dialect of Javanese.
Banyumas Regency Among the religious tourism sites in Banyumas is Saka Tunggal Mosque, established in 1871.
Persibas Banyumas Founded since 1986 by the Banyumas Government and PSSI.
Banyumas Regency Banyumas (formerly spelt "Banjoemas") Regency is a regency () in the southwestern part of Central Java province in Indonesia. Its capital is the town of Purwokerto. It covers an area of 1,335.30 km, and had a population of 1,554,527 at the 2010 Census; the latest estimate (as at January 2014) is 1,573,593.
Banyumas Regency Curug Cipendok is a waterfall 93 meters high, about 15 kilometers west of Purwokerto, 500 meters from the road through a walking trail. It is still natural and is easily accessible on a good road, although there is no public transportation yet. The area surrounding the location belongs to Perhutani, a Forest State Company. North of the capital of Purwokerto, Baturraden Resort features views from the slopes of Mount Slamet. And 8 km to Baturaden, there a Curug Cehenk, this is a waterfall 73 meters, there is an object to holiday.
Banyumas Regency Banyumas Regency comprises twenty-seven districts ("kecamatan"), tabulated below with their populations at the 2010 Census:
Purwokerto The history of Purwokerto as the capital of the Banyumas Regency is intertwined with the history of Banyumas itself. Banyumas was established in 1582 by Raden Joko Kahiman. He later became the came the first regent, Duke Mrapat.