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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for temanggung

Article Example
Persitema Temanggung Persitema stands for Persatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Temanggung (). Persitema Temanggung is an Indonesian football club based in Temanggung, Central Java. Club played in Liga Indonesia First Division.
Persitema Temanggung Persitema stadium named Bhumi Phala Stadium. Its location was in downtown Temanggung, Central Java. This club has a fanatical supporter named TasMania (Temanggung Supporter Mania).
Temanggung Regency All travelers going to the Dieng temple complex from Yogya or Semarang have to pass this regency. Temanggung Regency is famous for longan, a small sweet fruit that is harvested in January and February.
Temanggung Regency After World War II, Temanggung Regency was one of the areas in central Java where the Communist Party (PKI) had its rural strongholds. In the 21st century Temanggung Regency provided a hideout for members of the Islamist Jemaah Islamiyah.
Temanggung Regency The majority of the population of the Temanggung Regency is Muslim. It was once predominately Hindu for thousands of years. The oldest stone structure in Indonesia is found here; 4 temple of Shiva; one of the trinity of Hinduism. Though there were 400; only 4 remain.
Persitema Temanggung They play their home matches in Bhumi Phala Stadium
Persitema Temanggung Support group they called Tasmania and Tasmanita for supporting women.
Temanggung Regency Temanggung Regency is divided into the following twenty subdistricts (kecamatan).
Temanggung Regency The major towns of Temanggung Regency, aside from the capital of Temanggung, include Candiroto, Jumo, Kaloran, Kandangan, Kranggan, Muntung, Ngadirejo, Parakan, and Tretep.
Temanggung Regency The big cash crop in the Temanggung Regency is tobacco. Other cash crops include patchouli oil, honey and soy oil. The traditional herbal medicine, jamu, is the basis of a local industry as well as is the production of cigars. Silkworms are raised in the area around the town of Candiroto.