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Article Example
Persebi Boyolali In 2007 Persebi successfully climbed to the Liga Indonesia First Division. This Boyolali community pride teams, carrying the target of qualifying for the premier division, although only bermaterikan Indonesian players.
Persebi Boyolali Persebi supported Pasboy (Forces Seporter Boyolali) supporters group which was declared on March 10, 2007.
Boyolali Regency Boyolali is a regency () in the eastern part of Central Java province in Indonesia. Its capital is Boyolali.
Boyolali Regency Boyolali regency surrounded by other regencies: Klaten Regency and Yogyakarta province in the south; Sukoharjo, Karanganyar and Sragen regencies and Solo city in the east; Salatiga city and Grobogan Regency in the north; and Magelang Regency in the west.
Persebi Boyolali Persebi stadium named Pandan Arang Stadium. Its location was in downtown Boyolali, Central Java.
Persebi Boyolali Persebi or Persebi Boyolali or Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia Boyolali (en: "Football Association of Indonesia Boyolali") is an Indonesian football club based in Boyolali, Central Java. Club played in Liga Indonesia First Division.
Boyolali Regency The capital city, also named Boyolali, lies 27 km to the west of Solo.
Boyolali Regency The regency covers an area with approximately 1,015.10 km²
Boyolali Regency Beside Mount Merbabu, the famous Mount Merapi is also located in this regency.
Pandan Arang Stadium The Pandan Arang Stadium is a multi-use stadium in the village of Boyolali, Central Java, Indonesia. It is used mostly for football matches and as the home stadium for Persebi Boyolali. The stadium has a capacity of 15,000