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brebes    0.898467

wonogiri    0.895248

blora    0.893547

boyolali    0.891672

wonosobo    0.890426

pacitan    0.890219

probolinggo    0.889848

temanggung    0.887828

grobogan    0.885334

sukoharjo    0.882635

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Karanganyar Regency Karanganyar Regency is located in the south east of Central Java, Indonesia. It is near Magetan Regency (in East Java Province), Sragen Regency in the north, Wonogiri Regency and Sukoharjo Regency in the south, and Surakarta (Solo) and Boyolali Regency in the west.
Karanganyar Regency Based on data from the Karanganyar Regency Health Bureau in 2005, the number of health facilities consisted of: 3 hospitals, 21 Public Health Centres, 60 Secondary Public Health Centres, 28 nursing-midwiferies, and 30 Clinics. Figures for health-workers: there were 80 physicians, 24 dentists, 275 midwives, and 241 nurses.
Karanganyar Regency There are a substantial number of especially Javanese tourists who visit the Mangadeg and Argosari cemeteries to pray to Samboernowo for assistance in life, particularly business or political affairs, in line with the Kejawen or Kebatinan ancestor-worship/shamanic belief system.
Karanganyar Regency Based on data from the Culture and Education Department of the Karanganyar Regency, in 2005 there were: 489 primary schools; 7 private primary schools; 49 general secondary schools; 27 private secondary schools; 12 senior high schools; 5 private senior high schools; 2 SMKN units and 22 private vocation schools.
Karanganyar City Karanganyar is a district in Kebumen Regency, Indonesia; this large town is the administrative centre for the eponymous regency. According to the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics, this area has high rainfall. Its climate is renowned for its coolness.
Karanganyar Regency There are 1821 Mosques, 679 small mosques, 127 Churches, 12 Temples and 1 Vihara.
Karanganyar Regency Karanganyar is also home of the Mangadeg hill (also known as Truloroyo) Mangkunegaran royal burial complex built upon a small mountain. In the immediate vicinity are the Pablengan ruins of ritual bathing pools, fed by seven natural springs. Several hundred metres away is the mausoleum complex of former President Suharto Astana Giribangun as well as the alleged final resting place of legendary Javanese leader Raden Mas Samboernowo at the peak of this same hill, titled Argosari.
Karanganyar Regency Karanganyar Regency is a regency in the Indonesian province of Central Java. Its capital is Karanganyar.
Karanganyar Regency Karanganyar Regency covers 77,378.6374 Ha, which consists of: rice fields (22,844.2597 hectares) and dry ground (54,534.3777 hectares). The rice field consists of irrigated area (7,872.6323 hectares), divided into technical irrigation system area (6,144.2939 hectares), and simple irrigation area (7,134.1251 hectares), and rain fall rice field (1,693.2084 hectares). Meanwhile, areas provided for buildings are 20,732.4406 hectares. Areas for gardening is 17,937.0211 hectares, plantation is 3,251.5006 hectares.
Karanganyar Regency The number of students of primary schools were 81,057 students with 4,483 teachers, which made the student-teacher ratio 1 : 18.08. The numbers of junior high-schools were 37,558 students with 2,818 teachers, with a student-teacher ratio of 1 : 13.33. There were 20,507 high-school students, with 1,639 teachers, which made the student-teacher ratio 1 : 12.51.