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Majalengka Majalengka is a district and town in the West Java province of Indonesia; it is the capital of Majalengka Regency. At the 2010 Census, the district had a population of 68,871, of which the town (comprising the communities of Majalengka Wetan and Majalengka Kulon) had a population of 20,906.
Majalengka Regency Majalengka Regency is one of the 18 regencies "(kabupaten)" in West Java, Indonesia. It covers an area of 1,204.24 sq. km, and had a population of 1,166,473 at the 2010 Census; the latest estimate (as at 2014) was 1,254,440. The capital is the town of Majalengka.
Majalengka Regency The incumbent regency officer "(Bupati)" of this regency is Hj. Tutty Hayati Anwar SH. MSi.
Majalengka Regency In March 2012, 2 foreign national champion paragliders have surveyed Mount Panten. Landing area, wind velocity and mainly take off area are suitable for paragliding world championship. The take off area is very vast, possible to make take off for several paragliders in the same time and cannot be found in other countries.
Majalengka Regency As at the 2010 Census, this regency consists of twenty-six districts "(kecamatan)", subdivided into 13 urban villages "(kelurahan)" and 318 rural villages "(desa)". These districts are as follows, listed below with their populations at the 2010 Census:
Majalengka Regency The new airport to serve the Jakarta megacity was begun in 2015 with a 3,000 metre runway for phase-1. It is predicted that it will be completed by the end of 2016. The airport, which is 70 km east of Jakarta, will have an area of 1,800 hectares; it can accommodate a double runway of up to 4,000 meters.
Hendra Aprida Gunawan Hendra Aprida Gunawan (born 6 April 1982 in Majalengka, West Java) is a male badminton player from Indonesia.
2014 Soeratin Cup Bandung Legend U-17, Persib Bandung U-17 and Persima Majalengka U-17 qualified from this group.
Trans-Java toll road Cisumdawu Toll Road connects the cities of Cileunyi, Sumedang, and Dawuan. There is a plan to connect this road to Majalengka International Airport.
Cirebon Regency Cirebon Regency is bordered by the Java Sea to the north-east, by Indramayu Regency to the north, Majalengka Regency to the west, Kuningan Regency to the south, and Brebes Regency (in Central Java Province) to the east.