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Sukoharjo Regency Bengawan Solo "divides" this regency into two parts. The northern part is commonly lowland and wavy, while the southern part is mountainous.
Sukoharjo Regency Near the border are the developmental areas of Surakarta City such as Grogol and Kartosuro. Kartosuro is the junction of the Solo-Yogyakarta track with Solo-Semarang. Sukoharjo Regency is crossed by Solo-Wonogiri railway, which re-operated in 2004 after being unused for many years. This railway is one of the most "dangerous" ones in Indonesia because it is located beside the main road without any breaker.
Grogol, Sukoharjo Grogol is a subdistrict ("kecamatan") in Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. The housing estate, "Solo Baru" ("New Solo") is located here and this subdistrict is a satellite city of Surakarta.
Sukoharjo Regency Sukoharjo Regency is divided into 12 districts ("kecamatan"). They are Baki, Bendosari, Bulu, Gatak, Grogol, Kartosuro, Mojolaban, Nguter, Polokarto, Sukoharjo, Tawangsari and Weru. The districts are subdivided into various "desa" and "kelurahan". The administrative center is located in Sukoharjo.
Grogol, Sukoharjo The Al-Mukmin Islamic school is located here, in Ngruki, a village in this subdistrict. This "pesantren" is chaired by Abu Bakar Ba'asyir alleged to have been involved in the 2002 Bali bombing.
Sukoharjo Regency Sukoharjo is a regency () in the Central Java province in Indonesia. Its capital is Sukoharjo, about 10 km south from Surakarta. This regency is bordered by Surakarta in the north, Karanganyar Regency in the east, Wonogiri Regency and Yogyakarta in the south as well as Klaten Regency in the west.
Surakarta In July 26, 2011 the Railbus has been launched to serve Surakarta/Solo–Wonogiri route, but for the moment only Solo-Sukoharjo trackage was ready due to there are 99 bridges should be strengthen between Sukoharjo-Wonogiri.
Samanhudi He died in Klaten (28 December 1956) and was buried in Banaran, Grogol, Sukoharjo.
Joko Riyadi Joko Riyadi (born in Sukoharjo, Central Java, 30 June 1985) is a former badminton player from Indonesia.
Jamu Sukoharjo in Central Java in particular is believed to be one of the center of jamu tradition. Many of the "Mbok Jamu" jamu sellers ladies are hailed from this town. The traditional jamu herbal traders in Sukoharjo has established the statue of jamu seller as Sukoharjo's identity in Bulakrejo. Commonly called "jamu herbal seller statue" it depicts a farmer and a "jamu gendong" herbalist carrying her wares. Sukoharjo regions, particularly sub-district Nguter, is known as the place of origin of "Mbok Jamu gendong" herbalist in many big cities, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, and Surabaya.