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sukoharjo    0.906437

indramayu    0.899161

cianjur    0.898700

brebes    0.896218

karanganyar    0.895248

sumedang    0.893040

pacitan    0.892616

blora    0.891053

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Wonogiri Regency Wonogiri Regency is divided into 25 administrative districts ( "kecamatan"), listed below with their populations at the 2010 Census:
Wonogiri Regency Most of Wonogiri's area is rocky and hilly due to its location on the Sewu highlands. Since these highlands are of the karst type, many caves can easily be found in Wonogiri Regency and at least 41 caves have been discovered so far starting with the famous Song Gilap cave, Song Putri cave at Pracimantoro, Ngantap cave, Putri Kencana cave at Giritontro and including many unnamed caves all over the regency.
Wonogiri Regency Wonogiri also has a dam called Gajah Mungkur Dam which has three main functions; as a power plant to produce electricity; to provide water for rice fields around Bengawan Solo River through irrigation programs; and for tourism.
Wonogiri Regency Wonogiri also has many special foods. They include nasi tiwul, emping, bakso, mie ayam, gudangan, etc.
Wonogiri Regency Wonogiri Regency is an area of agriculture and plantation, so most of people in Wonogiri work as farmers. Generally, all areas of the regency produce much agriculture and plantation output. Casava, cacao, kacang mede are examples of the plantation output that are relatively good.
Wonogiri Regency Wonogiri is a regency () in the southeastern part of Central Java province in Indonesia. It covers an area of 1,822.37 km, and its population according to the latest (January 2014) estimate is 940,297; its capital is Wonogiri.
Ngadirojo Ngadirojo is one of the districts in Wonogiri, Central Java, Indonesia. Ngadirojo located in the eastern District of Wonogiri. It is adjacent to Karanganyar. This district consists of eleven villages, i.e.
Surakarta In July 26, 2011 the Railbus has been launched to serve Surakarta/Solo–Wonogiri route, but for the moment only Solo-Sukoharjo trackage was ready due to there are 99 bridges should be strengthen between Sukoharjo-Wonogiri.
Purwantoro Purwantoro is one of the districts in Wonogiri Regency, Indonesia. It is located at the eastern border of Wonogiri and is also signed as the border between Jawa Tengah and Jawa Timur.
Kereta Api Indonesia May 2011: After changing the rail between Purwosari station and Wonogiri station and also the bridges with R42 (37 kilometres), so line between Sangkrah station, Solo and Wonogiri will be served by heavy electric diesel locomotives.