Top 10 similar words or synonyms for idade

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for idade

Article Example
Primeira Idade It can be highlighted the "Special Jury Award" of the Torino Film Festival won by the film "Snakeskin" of the Singaporean filmmaker Daniel Hui.
Primeira Idade Primeira Idade is an independent Portuguese film production company based in Lisbon.
Matthieu Charneau In 2016 Matthieu plays in the fiction short-film 'Bad Bunny' directed by Carlos Conceição and produced by Primeira Idade, which was shot in Portugal and is set to be released in 2017.
Colégio Bandeirantes de São Paulo Calculus, Biotechnology, Theater, Preparation for Academic Olympiads and Mechatronics are also optative and designed for Junior year students while Idade Mídia (Media Age) is intended only to Humanities course students.
Marcelo Fromer In 1981, Titãs made their first performance (under the name Titãs do Iê-Iê) at the event “A Idade da Pedra Jovem”. Fromer became a little excited and decided to play the electric guitar like an acoustic one, without a pick. At the end of the night, his fingers were seriously injured and there was blood at his white Giannini.
A. H. de Oliveira Marques He studied history and philosophy and graduated in 1956 from the University of Lisbon with a thesis entitled "A Sociedade em Portugal nos Séculos XII a XIV" ("Portuguese Society from 12th to 14th Centuries"). After training in the University of Würzburg, in Germany, he would start teaching the following year at the University of Lisbon and received his doctorate in 1960. His PhD. dissertation was entitled "Hansa e Portugal na Idade Média" ("Hanseatic League and Portugal in the Middle Ages").
Renata Fronzi Fronzi began her career by performing at the Theatro Municipal in São Paulo, Brazil. Her professional debut occurred in 1940 when she appeared in actress Eva Todor's theater company production of "Na Peça Sol de Primavera". She also appeared on the big screen in several Brazilian films during her career, including several movies produced by Atlântida Cinematográfica film studio. Her television credits included "Minha Doce Namorada" in 1971, "Pecado Rasgado" in 1978, "Chega Mais" in 1980, "Jogo da Vida" in 1981, "Corpo a Corpo" in 1984 and "A Idade da Loba" in 1995. Many of her television roles and telenovelas, including "Corpo a Corpo" and "Chega Mais", aired on Rede Globo. On television, Fronzi also had a recurring role in the telenovela, Malhação, from 1996 until 1997. She also appeared in the Brazilian miniseries, "Memorial de Maria Moura", in 1994.
Alfândega da Fé Electricity, indoor plumbing, basic sanitation and asphalted roads are present and available throughout the municipality, and it is one of the first municipalities to close its public dump. Although the community is not free from problems, it does have many services that are uncommon in the region, primarily due to its distance from the district capital. Its "Centros de Saúde" (health centres), along with private initiatives, have made it one of the more dynamic municipalities in the country, providing local service without unnecessary trips to distant hospitals. The local "Bombeiros Voluntários" (volunteer fire brigade) has been active in this role, responsible for both protection from civil and forest fires and transporting the sick and injured. The "Lar da Terceira Idade da Santa Casa da Misericórdia", the "Santuário de Cerejais" (Mariano) and other smaller institutions in the parishes provide local assistance to seniors, in addition to home-care. The largest schools, both primary and secondary level, are located within the city of Alfândega da Fé. While the establishment of a municipal library and "Casa da Cultura" have assisted education within these communities, the area has also experienced a decrease in local enrollment, resulting in the closure of several smaller schools. Sports facilities, such as the "Pavilhões Desportivos" (sports pavilions) and "Piscinas" (pools), improved community activity, as well as providing a source of water instruction (in this landlocked region).