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adeus    0.913673

sonho    0.908242

prazer    0.907426

muito    0.903814

segredo    0.899436

menina    0.895715

beijo    0.894144

olhar    0.893306

passado    0.892669

desejo    0.892137

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Article Example
E Depois do Adeus The song is a ballad, with Paulo de Carvalho taking the role of a man who is faced with the end of a relationship. He tells his lover how he feels, likening her to "a flower that I picked", implying that the relationship was of a comparatively short duration. He also comments on the nature of love itself, singing that it is "winning and losing".
E Depois do Adeus It was succeeded as Portuguese representative at the 1975 Contest by Duarte Mendes with "Madrugada".
E Depois do Adeus Histories of the Contest tend to take a facetious view of this fact. In his Official History of The Eurovision Song Contest, author John Kennedy O'Connor, for example, describes it as "the only Eurovision entry to have actually started a revolution", while Des Mangan suggests that other Portuguese entries (he mentions 1998's "Se eu te pudesse abraçar") would not be likely to inspire coups.
E Depois do Adeus The song was performed sixteenth on the night, following Switzerland's Piera Martell with "Mein Ruf nach dir" and preceding Italy's Gigliola Cinquetti with "Sì". At the close of voting, it had received 3 points, placing 14th (tied for last with Switzerland, Norway and Germany) in a field of 17.
E Depois do Adeus Despite the modest showing in Brighton at the Contest itself, the song achieved considerable fame as one of the two signals to launch the Carnation Revolution in Portugal against the Estado Novo regime of Marcelo Caetano - the other being the folk song "Grândola Vila Morena" by Zeca Afonso, which was the signal for the coup leaders to announce that they had taken control of strategic parts of the country. It was broadcast at 22.55 on 24 April 1974 by 'Emissores Associados de Lisboa'.
10 Anos Depois 10 Anos Depois is the tenth album by Brazilian artist Jorge Ben, released in 1973.
Depois do Adeus Depois do Adeus is a Portuguese historical drama series set in the mid 1970s.
Dez Anos Depois Dez anos depois is a 1971 double album of bossa nova classics by Brazilian singer Nara Leão (Philips – 2.388.004/5).
Dez Anos Depois The first LP is entirely acoustic : the arrangements and accompaniment, made by Brazilian guitarist Tuca, with occasional piano line, were recorded in France (Nara living in Paris). The second LP was recorded in Rio : Nara's guitar and vocal were tracked separately from the accompaniment and orchestrations, which were done at a studio with the arrangers Roberto Menescal, Luis Eça, and Rogério Duprat.
Depois da Guerra Depois da Guerra (English: "After the War") is the tenth studio album by Oficina G3, and the fifth released by MK Music. This is the first album with the new lead vocalist Mauro Henrique. The band won the 2009 Latin Grammy Award for Best Christian Album (Portuguese Language) in 2009.