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Article Example
Desejo Proibido Desejo Proibido () is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo from November 5, 2007 to May 2, 2008.
País do Desejo País do Desejo is a 2012 Brazilian-Portuguese drama film directed by Paulo Caldas.
País do Desejo The story is told from the center of the crisis of a Catholic priest that is positioned against the decision of the Archbishop of the Church to excommunicate the mother, the girl and the doctors involved in the abortion.
País do Desejo The fate of the two characters crosses when Roberta faints at a concert and is hospitalized in a local clinic, belonging to the brother of the priest. Gradually, he is interested by the pianist, and that love will change their destiny in many ways.
Força de um Desejo Esther and Ignatius are avoided, but eventually end up clarifying the misunderstanding that separated them. They decide tell Sobral the truth, but end up not doing it to discover that the Baron is ill and, more than ever, needs the help of his family. Dissatisfied with the situation and knowing that Golden Green is facing financial difficulties, Ignatius married Alice (Lavinia Vlasak), the daughter of Higino Ventura and his wife, dazzled Barbara (Denise Del Vecchio), who only thinks of becoming a noble.
Força de um Desejo But one fact undermines the entire village of Sant'Anna: Baron Henry Sobral is murdered during the feast of betrothal between Abelard and sweet Juliana (Julia Feldens), at the same night which Ignatius and Esther flee to live together after knowing about the farce of Sobral's disease - fear of losing his wife, the Baron made the disease up as a way to prevent Esther leave, keeping her well, by his side. Local police mobilized to arrest Ignatius, the prime suspect in the death of Baron. Then begins a race against time to Ignatius did not pay for the crime he did not commit, while those who believe it try to uncover the identity of the real killer.
Força de um Desejo Força de um Desejo is a Brazilian telenovela produced by Globo TV and was shown in the schedule of 18 hours between May 10, 1999 and January 29, 2000, in 226 chapters. It was written by Gilberto Braga and as collaborators with Alcides Nogueira Marques, Lilian Garcia, Eliane Garcia, Philip Miguez and Mark Silver and directed by Mauro Mendonça Filho, Carlos Araújo, Fabricio Mamberti and João Camargo, with production of the core Marcos Paulo.
Desejo de Amar "Desejo de Amar " is a song performed by the Brazilian recording artist Ivete Sangalo, taken from her third live album . Written by Alain Tavares & Rita Mendes, the song is an axé music song, that talks about desiring and loving someone. It was released as the album's second single on January 6, 2011, on the Brazilian radio stations. The song was the summer and carnival song. It reach number thirty-four on the Billboard Brasil charts.
País do Desejo The film tells the story of Roberta, a famous classical pianist who faces a tough battle against a severe kidney disease, and José, a somewhat unconventional priest, which supports a 12-year-old girl raped by her uncle and pregnant with twins, to have an abortion.
Força de um Desejo Baron Sobral, devastated by the death of Helena and the feelings of guilt that torment him because he gave his wife a miserable life, decides to start his life and makes a long trip to the Court. After meeting Esther, he falls in love without knowing she is the woman who is loved by his son. He convinces her that it's not worth destroying her life by the desillusion that she is suffering, and willing to give her a chance to have a new life, asks her to marry him. After the marriage is sanctified, Sobral and Esther go to Golden Green, and getting there, Esther has over a sad surprise to come face to face with Ignatius; victims of a trap destination, now they will live on the same farm, without the Baron suspect that his new wife is the same woman his son had fallen in love.