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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for beijo

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Beijo Beijo is a song by Romanian music group Morandi. The song's lyrics are sung in Portuguese. The song was a popular summer hit in Romania in 2005, and in July of that year, reached number 1 on the MTV Europe and World Chart Express charts, overtaking singles by Coldplay, U2 and Shakira.
Aquele Beijo Aquele Beijo (English: "That Kiss") is a Brazilian telenovela produced by Rede Globo and exhibited in the schedule of 19 hours. Written by Miguel Falabella, Flávio Marinho and Antonia Pellegrino, and directed by Roberto Talma and Cininha de Paula, its release was the day October 17, 2011, replacing "Morde & Assopra".
O Beijo do Vampiro Almost 800 years later, Bóris has a son with Marie, an English woman who dies in childbirth. In the Maramures city hospital, Bóris to protect his son from his wife Mina d' Montmatre, hides him by switching him with another baby - the son of Lívia and Bobby, the reincarnations of Cecília and Rogério, respectively. The years pass and his son, Zeca grows up as one of Lívia's children. Her true son, Renato was left in an orphanage and becomes homeless, and also befriends Zeca and his brothers Tetê and Júnior. Zeca lives a normal as ordinary boy until his vampiric instincts become more evident at the age of 13. Bóris is awakened from his slumber along with Mina, and they need to take Zeca as quickly as possible because Bóris need an heir, or their family will die and Bóris will be considered responsible. Also, Bobby dies in airplane crash caused by Bóris.
O Beijo do Vampiro An almost thousand year-old vampire master and antagonist. He is a dark, seductive, elegant and somewhat clumsy at the same time cold, cruel and malevolent. Before the beginning of the series, he fall in love with Princess Cecília but she doesn't recipocrate his feelings for her and in anger, he kill Cecília's husband, Count Rogério but in her sorrow she commits suicide rather than marry a vampire. Her death still haunts him. Several centuries, later he marries several woman in order to create an heir to his legacy since he is already tired of his position. He has a baby son with another vampire who dies in childbirth, who he hides from his jealous wife Mina d' Montmatre and switches him with another baby and he is raised as the son of Lívia and Bobby.
O Beijo do Vampiro The initial antagonist of the series, she was a French actress bitten by Bóris Vladescu, who became his vampire wife. Unfortunately, she could not give him children so Bóris abandoned her. His next vampire wife, Márie, died giving birth to his son Atilla Vladescu, later to be known as "Zeca". She tried to kill the baby, but Bóris staked her and hid the baby. Mina tried to kill Zeca several times, but he was much stronger than her.
O Beijo do Vampiro Galileo's only son, he is hardcore punk-like vampire, who was turned by Mina in order to regain her beauty. This event crush his father Galileo, who is a vampire-hunter, but he lets his son lives out of mercy. Bart is quite extroverted and joking person, but not an evil vampire, in matter of fact, Bart is exceptionally coward and fearful, rarely engage in battle unless if come to protect his father or his lover Amélie, but occasionally run when he alone is in danger. In the end of the series, he is turned back into a human due to Bóris' power sustaining his vampiric energy gone with his death. His fate is unknown as Bóris survived his destruction, is left unclear if he will remain human or return to be vampire.
O Beijo do Vampiro O Beijo do Vampiro () is a Brazilian telenovela that was produced and aired by TV Globo from August 26, 2002 to May 3, 2003, totaling 215 chapters, substituting "Desejos de Mulher" and preceding "Kubanacan".
O Beijo do Vampiro In the 12th century, the vampire Bóris Vladescu falls in love with Cecília, a beautiful princess betrothed to Count Rogério. Bóris, jealous of their love, fights Rogério in front of the princess in the castle and defenestrates him. Later he kills Cecília's parents and brothers. Depressed after losing her beloved husband and family and forced to marry a vampire, Cecília commits suicide by throwing herself from the same tower where Rogério died.
O Beijo do Vampiro Other characters that enrich the plot. Augusto, a district attorney, feuds with Armando, because he wants to preserve a historical monument while Armando wants to demolish it to build a shopping center. Augusto also has feelings for Lívia, but she only thinks of him as friend. Galileo is a clumsy but kind-hearted vampire hunter who belongs to a great line of vampire-hunters. His son, Bartô is bitten by Mina's servant Amélie and begins dating her. Galileo falls in love with Zoroastra, Lívia's mother, who is secretly a witch fighting the local vampires. Martha, Augusto's sister-in-law, is blinded by a car accident that killed her sister; she becomes an evil stepmother to Augusto's children. Later, she is bitten by Bóris, becoming his vampire bride. The vampiric duo terrorize the city.
O Beijo do Vampiro Bóris come to Maramures, under the name Igor Pivomar (his surname "Pivomar" is an anagram of "Vampiro", which is Portuguese for "Vampire"), a businessman who owns the licensing of everything related to vampires. He possess the body of Rodrigo, a mysterious and lonely man seeking Lívia's attention, initiating a complex battle between Bóris, Rodrigo and Augusto for the love of Lívia. During his stay in Maramures, he turn a criminal called Godzilla into a vampire and his loyal servant.