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Mulher Mulher is a village in the Nashik district of Maharashtra, India.
Mulher The village of Mulher(Mayurnagari) is located on the right (south) bank of the Mausam River, 3.5 km by road east (downstream) of the village of Vide Digar and the Haranbari Dam. It is 9 km by road west (upstream) of Taharabad. It is located on State Highway 14. Mulher Fort is located in Mulher village.
Mulher The Rathod dynasty of Bagul ancestry reigned Baglan between 1310 and 1638. Mulher fort was their capital. The Mughals then gained control of Baglan. For the Surat forays of January 1664 & October 1670, Shivaji Maharaj had followed the route passing through Baglan to reach Surat. On the first occasion, the entire region from Pune to Surat was under the command of the Mughals while on the second occasion, Baglan was mainly under their control. The Mughals chased Shivaji Raje on his return journey but they were defeated in the Kanchana Pass. Soon after this, Shivaji began a campaign in this region. In January 1671 the first assault brought the Salher fort under the Maratha rule. They then attacked Mulher fort but the Mughal Killedar repulsed the attack. However, the Marathas captured the Chaulher fort. In October 1671, the Mughals laid siege to Salher fort. But Shivaji despatched Moropant and Prataprao to break down the siege. They not only lifted the siege of Salher, but also attacked Mulher and captured it in February 1672. This feat resulted in the assimilation of the entire Baglan region into Swarajya.
Mulher The nearest village is Mulher. It is connected by road. Buses and rickshaw are easily available from the nearest town Taharabad. From Mulher town the base of the Fort is at 5 km. There is no Hotel or Lodge at Mulher village. It is better to move at uddhav maharaj samadhi mandir or Mulher Machi for resting and night halt. From Mulher machi the trio of forts Mora, Hargad and Mulher can easily be climbed in a day.
SIC Mulher SIC Mulher (lit. "SIC Woman") is a Portuguese basic cable and satellite television channel owned by Sociedade Independente de Comunicação (SIC) and launched on March 8, 2003. Its target audience are women.
Malu Mulher Malu Mulher was a TV series broadcast by "Rede Globo" from May 24, 1979 to December 22, 1980, written and directed by Daniel Filho. The theme song, "Começar de novo", was a great hit in the voice of one of Brazil's greatest popular female singer, Simone.
Mulher Objeto Mulher Objeto is a 1981 Brazilian erotic film directed by Silvio de Abreu.
Mulher Objeto Story about the fantasies of a married woman who lives in a dream several experiences with partners of both sexes.
A Mulher Invisível A Mulher Invisível (The Invisible Woman) is a weekly Brazilian Emmy-winning comedy TV series produced by Rede Globo; it's a spin-off from the film of the same name. It stars Selton Mello, Débora Falabella and Luana Piovani. Its first episode aired on May 31, 2011.
A Mulher Invisível Pedro (Selton Mello) is a young man, recently married to Clarisse (Débora Falabella), whom he sincerely loves. Pedro is a successful publicist with a promising career, and Clarisse happens to be his boss. But apparently that's not enough, for Pedro has an imaginary paramour, Amanda (Luana Piovani), a beautiful and sensuous blonde woman which of course only he can see. Amanda is an ideal woman, most in love with Pedro, and which, as she herself states, exists only to make him happy. Pedro's coworker and best friend Wilson, a cynical lover yet loyal friend, is as the series begins the only one to know Pedro's secret.