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Homens da Luta In 2010 Homens da Luta released an mp3 album called "A Canção é uma arma" (The song is a weapon) consisting of 14 songs. One of their most popular songs is "E o povo, pá?" (What about the people, man?).
Jacaré dos Homens Jacaré dos Homens is a municipality located in the western of the Brazilian state of Alagoas. Its population is 6,330 (2005) and its area is 142 km².
Homens da Luta Homens da Luta (Men of the Struggle) is a Portuguese improvisational comedy and musical street performance group consisting of brothers Vasco Duarte (Falâncio) and Nuno Duarte "Jel" (Neto). Their songs are a parody of songs sung during the period after the 1974 Carnation Revolution, and the characters played are caricatures of the revolutionary singers of the time, such as Zeca Afonso and José Mário Branco. Homens da Luta often use the term "struggle" to invoke slogans that became famous during the revolutionary era, such as "A Luta Continua" (The Struggle Goes On).
Homens da Luta In 2010, Homens da Luta took part in the "RTP Song Festival 2010", with the song "Luta assim não dá" (The struggle can't go on like this). The song was disqualified as it had been previously performed, which was a breach of the rules of the Festival and the international ESC.
Homens da Luta In 2011, they entered the contest again with the song "A luta é alegria" (The struggle is joy), lyrics by Nuno Duarte "Jel" and composed by Vasco Duarte. They were in sixth place until the public vote was counted, at which point they ended up on the first place, winning a place in Düsseldorf. They represented Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany, but did not gain enough votes from other countries for a place in the final round. Since the group are comedians and not singers, and because their victory was also based on popular support rather than the selected jury, there were some negative reactions to their win on the site of the contest.
Morro dos Homens Morro dos Homens is the highest mountain of Corvo Island, Azores, Portugal.
Praia do Vale dos Homens Visitors must respect the natural environment observing that they are within the limits of the Vicentine Coast Natural Park and stay safe both in the water and on the sand, as the rocky cliffs are prone to ersosion and falling debris can be expected - safe and potentially hazardous zones are marked with signs.
Praia do Vale dos Homens Praia do Vale dos Homens is a beach within the Municipality of Aljezur, in the Algarve, Portugal. The beach is on the western Seaboard in the north west of the Algarve. The beach is north west of the village of Rogil, and is north west, by road, from the regions capital of Faro.
Praia do Vale dos Homens The beach of "Praia do Vale dos Homens" is inside the Vicentine Coast Natural Park. This secluded beach can be difficult to reach as visitors to the beach must negotiate a flight of 285 wooden steps down to the beach from the cliff above (where the car park is located). The surrounding countryside is made up of large areas of farmland and pine forests. The beach is popular for sports such as Kite surfing, Windsurfing, and bodyboard surfing. The sea here is designate with a yellow flag is considered too dangerous for swimming as there are potentially hazardous rock formations. Natural pools formed in the rocks near the waterline (in low tide) are popular among visitors as the water is slightly warmer and somewhat shielded from wave action. On the sidewalls of these pools numerous sea creatures can be seen.
Praia do Vale dos Homens In the summer of 2015 the walkable extension of the beach was greatly increased due to natural sediment transport allowing access to the north part, which in previous years was accessible only in low tide and required climbing rock features.