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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for filha

Article Example
Vanessa da Mata Her first novel "A Filha das Flores" was released in Brazil on the 18 October 2013.
Débora Duarte Her biography, "Débora Duarte: Filha da Televisão" (Coleção Aplauso Perfil) by writer Laura Malin, was published in 2009.
Ilha dos Amores The first episode of Ilha dos Amores, was the third-most viewed fiction series on TVI, with "Filha do Mar" being second, and "A Outra" the most viewed.
Yeísmo Note that the same shift from to to (to modern ) historically occurred in the development of Old Spanish; this accounts for such pairings as Spanish "mujer" vs Portuguese "mulher", "ojo" vs "olho", "hija" vs "filha" and so on.
Dalila Carmo Dalila Carmo was a cast member of nearly 10 soap operas: 2006 - Tempo de Viver, 2005 - Ninguem Como Tu, 2003 - Morangos com Açúcar, 2002 - Jóia de África, 2001 - Filha do Mar, 2000 - Jardins Proibidos, 1999 - Todo o Tempo do Mundo, 1998 - Diário de Maria, among others.
Luís Miguel Rocha "The Holy Bullet", also known as "The Holy Assassin", his third novel, was published in 2007. "The Pope's Assassin", also known as "The Papal Decree" is the third book of the Vatican series. The last book of the Series is "A Filha Do Papa", released in 2013.
Liberdade, Liberdade Liberdade, Liberdade (English title: "Lady Revolution") is a Brazilian telenovela produced and aired by Rede Globo between 11 April and 4 August 2016, consisting of 67 episodes. It is the sixth telenovela in the 11 pm timeslot. It is based on "Joaquina, Filha do Tiradentes", created by Maria José de Queiroz. The telenovela is developed by Mário Teixeira and directed by Vinícius Coimbra.
Davida In April 2009, Gabriela Leite released her autobiography, titled "Filha, Mãe, Avó e Puta" ("Daughter, Mother, Grandmother and Slut"). In June 2010, it was announced that the book will be used as base for an upcoming film of the same title. Gabriela Leite will be portrayed by Vanessa Giácomo. The book was also transformed into a play starring Aléxia Dechamps.
BCG disease outbreak in Finland in the 2000s While National Public Health Institute of Finland was prepared to let the vaccine be administered to all newborns until the beginning of 2008, mass vaccinations were discontinued on 1 September 2006 after a draft report by Finnish Lung Health Association (Filha ry) which clearly stated that the vaccine does more harm than good for that specific population.
Chó do Guri In 2009, "A filha do Alemão" was translated into German by the Goethe Institute. It was part of the official opening of the program of the German Cultural Centre, in Luanda. Chó do Guri has had several poems published in anthologies in Angola and Brazil. She currently works as a columnist for the weekly newspaper Folha 8.