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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for egito

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Article Example
São José do Egito The main economic activities in São José do Egito are based in commerce and agribusiness, especially creation of goats, cattle, sheeps, pigs, chickens; and plantations of corn, beans and tomatoes.
São José do Egito São José do Egito is a city in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. The population in 2009, according with IBGE was 31,792 and the area is 791.9 km².
Folha Egipciense Folha Egipciense is a Brazilian newspaper published in the city of São José do Egito, Pernambuco. The average weekly circulation in 2012 was 1,200 copies.
Bianca Rinaldi In 2010, Arminda was the protagonist in the novel "Ribeirão do Tempo". In 2013, lived Tany character of "José do Egito".
Floresta, Pernambuco Exu, Ouricuri, Petrolina, Granito, Leopoldina (current Parnamirim), Salgueiro, Boa Vista, Cabrobó, Belém de São Francisco, Floresta, Vila Bela (current Serra Talhada), Belmonte, São José do Egito, Triunfo, Flores, Afogados da Ingazeira, Alagoa de Baixo (current Sertânia) e Tacaratu.
Olodum Founded as an African block of the carnival in Salvador in 1979, Olodum is currently a cultural group considered a non-governmental organization. After their first run in 1980’s carnival, the band acquired almost two thousand associates and began to talk about historic themes about African and Brazilian culture. The band’s first LP was called “Egito, Madagascar” and was recorded in 1987, and became famous with the song “Faraó, Divindade do Egito”. The idea of this LP was to honor the roots of the group and show to the country "Mamma Africa," and to show, too, how the group was born (from the drums to the influences of African Gods).
Samara Felippo In July 2012, the actress signed with Rede Record. In 2013, the actress was cast as Dinah in the Biblical miniseries "José do Egito". In the same year, she returned to the theater in "Orgulhosa Demais, Frágil Demais", where she portrayed Marilyn Monroe.
Nanda Ziegler Nanda Ziegler (born Joelma Fernanda Gomes da Silva on 20 July 1981) is a Brazilian actress, producer, and fashion model. She has appeared in several Brazilian TV series and films, most notably as Naamá in 2014's in the acclaimed Brazilian series "José do Egito (tv series)" and as Bianca Fischer in 2008's in the acclaimed trilogy "Caminhos do Coração, "", "Mutantes: Promessas de Amor".
The Obvious Child The song's drum introduction is indebted to "Madagascar", a song by Olodum from their 1987 LP "Egito Madagáscar". Writer Steve Sullivan writes that the figure is a "standard device" for the group, who also employ abbreviated versions of it elsewhere on the album: "Salvador Nao Inerte" and "Vinheta Cuba-Brasil". Following this, the song breaks into an instrumental fragment that, according to Stephen Holden of "The New York Times", echoes the Silhouettes' 1957 doo-wop hit, "Get a Job". Holden also compared the song's conclusion to another doo-wop song, the Charts' "Desirie" (1957).
Balaiada The event which began the revolt was the detention of the brother of the rancher Raimundo Gomes, from the ranch of his father Inácio Mendes, a liberal, by the order of a submayor of the town of Manga, José Egito, a conservative. Contesting the detention of his brother, Gomes, with the support of a contingent of the National Guard, invaded the municipal jail and freed him, in December 1838. Afterward, Gomes, with the support of Cosme Bento, an ex-slave with a force of 3,000 escaped Africans, and Manuel Francisco dos Anjos Ferreira, called the "balaio" ("basket") because he was a basketmaker, spread the revolt across the interior of Maranhão, conquering the second-most important city in the province, Caxias, and passing on to Piauí.