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melhores    0.841198

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diabo    0.835267

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for caminhos

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Caminhos do Coração The plot develops around Maria Luz who is accused of killing Dr. Socrates Mayer, owner of one of the largest private clinics in the country, Progênese. Dr. Júlia, an affiliated physician of Progênese created genetically modified human beings, mutants with superpowers. Júlia has always maintained a secret laboratory on the fictional island of Arraial, where she performs the experiments that originated the mutants. She is helped by Gór, who has the power of hypnosis, and the superintelligent child Eugênio.
Draco (Caminhos do Coração) Draco is short-tempered compared to his powers and easily gets angered. He tends to underestimate his enemies no matter how powerful they are compared to him. Fellow mutant villain Tele is a brother figure to him, since they were raised together and are fond of each other. Draco is also deeply attracted to the villainess Gorgon and constantly bickers with her new boyfriend, Metamorpho. He kills without much concern, having killed police officer Martha who sacrificed herself to protect the other agents, and shows no remorse.
Caminhos Language Centre Caminhos Language Centre is a Portuguese language learning centre, situated in Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro state. It was founded in March 2009 by the Association of Friends of Casa do Caminho as a non-profit organization to financially support and assist Casa do Caminho Abrigo Orphanage in Xerém in Rio de Janeiro, which houses about 35 children. All profits from tuition and course fees go directly to the orphanage.
Caminhos da Colônia Caminhos da Colônia, Portuguese for "Colony Pathway", is a scenic tourist route of four settlements in the Serra Gaúcha in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil. The 35 km route runs between the cities of Caxias do Sul, Flores da Cunha, Otávio Rocha and the old settlement of Santa Justina which never developed into a city like the other three.
Caminhos da Colônia The tour route passes through the beautiful wine country of Rio Grande do Sul, highlighting the cities colonized by Italian immigrants more than 100 years ago. Highlights include viewing wineries, cathedrals, museums, old mills and the bucolic and beautiful Italian region of the Serra Gaúcha.
Caminhos do Coração Caminhos do Coração () is a Brazilian telenovela aired on Rede Record. Created by Tiago Santiago and directed by Alexandre Avancini, it was replaced by a spin-off called "", airing since June 3, 2008.
Caminhos do Coração Maria Luz has lived in the circus of Don Peppe with her parents Ana Luz and Pepe all of her life. She is the main attraction of the circus where she was raised and met first love interest Fernando. Maria is also the best friend of Juanita, her sister-in-law. Maria falls out of love with Fernando when he gets involved with Esmeralda. After Maria discovers that she is an adopted child, she finds herself in a tight spot: the police find her lying near Socrates' dead body and accuse her of killing him. Maria then discovers that her real father is the person she is accused of killing. This was set up so that Maria could not inherit Socrates's large wealth.
Caminhos do Coração The season ended with Rubicão revealing in court, via hologram, who was responsible for the crimes. In the following season, "", Júlia drank some of the youth serum that she produced and adopted the pseudonym of Juli Di Trevi.
Caminhos do Coração The last chapter of "Caminhos do Coração" achieved an audience of more than 5 million people in São Paulo. It was the highest audience for a Record telenovela since the last chapter of controversial "Vidas Opostas". This high rate made "A Favorita" achieve the worst telenovela debut in Globo's history.
Draco (Caminhos do Coração) Draconis, also known as Draco, is a fictional character from the soap-opera "Os Mutantes - Caminhos do Coração". He is a villain with the power to generate and manipulate fire and one of the primary antagonists of the series.