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Hugh Turner He was born in Wigan, but moved to Gateshead when he was younger. He played for Felling Colliery and Gateshead High Fell, before moving to Huddersfield in 1926.
Brandling of Newcastle A disaster at their Felling Colliery in 1812, when 91 lives were lost, was largely responsible for the pressure to develop a miners' safety lamp. Ironically, Felling Hall fell victim to mining subsidence and had to be demolished.
Albert Watson (footballer, born 1903) Watson signed for Blackpool from Felling Colliery F.C. in Felling, Gateshead, making his debut on 20 October 1923. He scored two goals in a 5–0 victory over Coventry City at Bloomfield Road and made a further 14 league appearances in the 1923–24 season, scoring another three goals.
Brandling of Newcastle The family fortunes were largely derived from the exploitation of coal reserves under their lands. Coal was worked at Felling from about 1670. The deep mine at Felling Colliery was sunk by the Brandlings in 1779. Their mines were linked to the River Tyne by wagonways.
Felling mine disasters The Felling Colliery (also known as Brandling Main) in Britain, suffered four disasters: 1812, 1813, 1821 and 1847. By far the worst of the four was the 1812 disaster which claimed 92 lives on 25 May 1812. The loss of life in the 1812 disaster was one of the motivators for the development of the miners' safety lamp.