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Trimdon Grange The lyrics of the song include an accounting of the events that took place, such as:
Trimdon Grange Trimdon Grange is a village in County Durham, in England. It is situated ten miles to the west of Hartlepool, and a short distance to the north of Trimdon.
Trimdon Grange The song also asks the local community to help out in the wake of the incident:
Trimdon Grange There is a small (5.2 MW) wind farm near the village. Controversy arose in 2004 when the agent of the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, claimed the location was unsuitable.
Trimdon Grange At 14:40 on 16 February 1882 the Trimdon Grange colliery suffered a major explosion causing the deaths of 69 men and boys. The coroner (TW Snagge) reported to both houses of Parliament:
Trimdon Grange The incident was recounted in the song "Trimdon Grange Explosion" by the local collier-bard Thomas "Tommy" Armstrong. Armstrong performed the song within a few days of the disaster in the local Mechanics' Hall.
Trimdon Grange The song became known outside of Trimdon Grange and has been recorded by other artists, including Martin Carthy, The Mekons and Alan Price.
Trimdon Grange Not all the men were killed by the explosion and fire. After the explosion the burnt methane (firedamp) forms carbon dioxide (then called carbonic acid gas) and carbon monoxide. The resulting mixture is called afterdamp and will suffocate and kill. Indeed, the gas forced its way through a passage into the adjoining Kelloe Pit where six men lost their lives from the afterdamp.
Trimdon Grange Wind Farm Trimdon Grange Wind Farm is an onshore wind farm located near Trimdon Grange, County Durham, England. Commissioned in October 2008 it consists of four 1.3MW Nordex N60 turbines giving a total capacity of 5.2MW. It was developed by EDF and is operated by Cumbria Wind Farms.
Trimdon Grange Wind Farm The proposed location of the wind farm caused controversy in 2004 when an agent of Tony Blair, then Prime Minister, wrote to a local action group, Trimdon Area Group Against Wind Farms claiming that the site was unsuitable. The location is around a mile from Tony Blair's old constituency house.