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Disordered Structure Refinement DSR is controlled with a special command in the respective SHELXL file. This has the following syntax:
ShelXle The program ShelXle is a graphical user interface for the structure refinement program SHELXL. ShelXle combines an editor with syntax highlighting for the SHELXL-associated .ins (input) and .res (output) files with an interactive graphical display for visualization of a three-dimensional structure including the electron density (Fo) and difference density (Fo-Fc) maps.
Disordered Structure Refinement The Disordered Structure Refinement program, written by Daniel Kratzert, is designed to simplify the modeling of molecular disorder in crystal structures using SHELXL by George M. Sheldrick. It has a database of approximately 120 standard solvent molecules and molecular moieties. These can be inserted into the crystal structure with little effort, while at the same time chemically meaningful binding and angular restraints are set. DSR was developed because the previous description of disorder in crystal structures with SHELXL was very lengthy and error-prone. Instead of editing large text files manually and defining restraints manually, this process is automated with DSR.
Disordered Structure Refinement The DSR command must always start with REM so that SHELXL does not recognize this line as own command. Behind WITH and ON stands which atom of the molecule fragment from the database to which atom or q-peak is to be positioned in the crystal structure.
ShelXle ShelXle uses the Qt (framework). It is written entirely in C++ and does not use any Scripting language. For the refinement it calls the external binary of SHELXL which might also be SHELXH, SHELXLMP from George M. Sheldrick or XL from Bruker.