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ESyPred3D The final model is assessed using the PROCHECK program.
Pakathon Pakathon's first winning team conceived the idea for ProCheck, a serialization system for authentic medicines in Pakistan. ProCheck allows customers and patients to verify authentic medicines using their mobile phones via text messaging. In November, 2015 ProCheck partnered with Ferozsons Labs, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in Pakistan, to serialize 35 million units of medicine using ProCheck's track and trace solution. As a result, more than 50,000 patients across the country will be able to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit medicines.
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of proteins There are several methods to validate structures, some are statistical like PROCHECK and WHAT IF while others are based on physical principles as CheShift, or a mixture of statistical and physics principles PSVS.
Janet Thornton Thornton's work is highly interdisciplinary, interfacing with structural biology, bioinformatics, biological chemistry and chemoinformatics, amongst others. She was an early pioneer in structure validation for protein crystallography, developing the widely used ProCheck software. Together with Christine Orengo, she introduced the CATH classification of protein structure.
ICTS International I-SEC specializes in the provision of advanced aviation security services worldwide, which include security consulting and security handling: security profiling, checkpoint screening, hold baggage screening ("HBS"), X-ray operator training and integrated services. I-SEC's management and key personnel are developers of pioneering aviation concepts, methods and technologies, focusing primarily on high-risk environments. I-SEC has operations in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Japan and Russia. I-SEC was established in 2005 as the aviation security arm of the ICTS International. PI (Procheck International) is a subsidiary of I-SEC.
Resolution by Proxy Over the past 20 years several methods have been proposed to calculate “equivalent resolution” using only X-ray coordinate data (rather than X-ray diffraction data). Some were designed specifically for evaluating NMR structures such as Procheck-NMR while others were designed more for structure quality evaluation and validation of X-ray structures such as MolProbity, and RosettaHoles2. However, these methods rely on a relatively small number of protein structure quality measures to predict resolution (4, 3, and 1 measures, respectively) and consequently the correlation between observed (X-ray) resolution and the predicted resolution is not particularly good. By expanding the number of structure features to include the distribution of torsion angles, the presence of atom clashes, the normality of hydrogen bonding, the numbers of violations of bond lengths and bond angles, the presence of cavities, residue-specific packing volumes, packing efficiency and threading energies it is possible to improve this correlation quite substantially.
Protein Structure Evaluation Suite & Server PROSESS (Protein Structure Evaluation Suite & Server) is a freely available web server for protein structure validation. It is specifically designed to assist with the process of evaluating and validating protein structures solved by NMR spectroscopy. Structure validation is a particularly important component of the structure determination pipeline as many protein structures have small structural errors (i.e. distorted bond lengths or angles, incompatible torsion angles, overlapping atoms) that are not easily detected by visual inspection. For protein structures solved by NMR spectroscopy, where large numbers of structures are generated and where coordinate inaccuracies are common, this problem is particularly acute. Most NMR-based structure validation protocols primarily use NOE (Nuclear Overhauser Enhancement), J-coupling or residual dipolar coupling (RDC ) data to assess or validate structures. In particular, they try to assess the agreement between the experimentally observed and the calculated NOEs, RDCs and/or J-couplings. Good agreement between the calculated and observed parameters normally indicates a good structure. Other methods for structure validation (such as ProCheck, MolProbity, ResProx and VADAR) focus on measuring coordinate data, rather than experimental data, to assess the quality of the bond or torsion angle geometry. PROSESS is unique among structure validation servers in that it evaluates both coordinate quality and experimental data quality. Furthermore PROSESS is also able to use NMR chemical shifts (as well as NOEs) to assess or validate protein structures. Chemical shifts are easily and very precisely measurable NMR observables that provide a great deal of information about protein structure and dynamics (see Protein Chemical Shift Prediction). Specifically, PROSESS assesses the agreement between observed chemical shifts and ShiftX-predicted HA, CA, CB, N, C, and HN NMR chemical shifts. In addition to its ability to validate structures using chemical shifts, PROSESS also checks many other protein structure parameters including covalent bond quality, non-covalent bond and atomic packing quality, torsion angle quality and NOE quality (i.e. measuring the model agreement with NOE-based distance restraints). A total of 8 different programs (see PROSESS sub-programs below) are used in the PROSESS evaluation and validation process.