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Article Example
Xplor International In the 1990s, Xplor began to shift from solely document “printing” to document “printing and presentation”, as transaction documents came to be presented on the Web.
Xplor International Xplor manages the Electronic Document Professional (EDP) certification program for people experienced in electronic document systems and/or application development.
Xplor International Xplor International also known as The Electronic Document Systems Association is an international trade association specifically focused on the issues of transaction documents. Transaction documents are legally relevant documents that are either printed and mailed or are electronically delivered e.g. bills, bank statements, insurance policies etc.
Xplor International The acronym XPLOR was derived from "Xerox Printer Liaison ORganization", the original association name. Xplor expanded its mission in 1983 to include other vendors' technology and adopted the acronym as the organization's name.
Xplor International Xplor’s membership of users and vendors is worldwide, with approximately 45% of the membership in the early 2000s being outside the US.
Xplor International Xplor International was founded in 1980 as a trade association specifically for transaction document applications, due to the difference in emphasis on variable data. Originally a user group for the Xerox 9700 laser printer, they reshaped its mission in the early 1980s to address the entire transaction document industry. Hardware companies like IBM, Siemens (later Océ), Hewlett Packard, Pitney Bowes, Bell & Howell, and Xerox have been actively involved as have software companies like Image Sciences (later Docucorp International), Document Sciences, Cincom Systems, GMC Software Technology, Xenos, Crawford Technologies, supported Xplor in order to promote a venue for the issues that are unique to the creation of transaction documents.
Xplor International Xplor awards various technology providers with awards each year, including:
XPLOR-NIH Xplor-NIH is a highly sophisticated and flexible biomolecular structure determination program which includes an interface to the legacy X-PLOR program. The main developers are Charles Schwieters and Marius Clore of the National Institutes of Health. Xplor-NIH is based on a C++ framework with an extensive Python interface enabling very powerful and easy scripting of complex structure determination and refinement protocols. Restraints derived from all current solution and many solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and X-ray scattering experiments can be accommodated during structure calculations. Extensive facilities are also available for many types of ensemble calculations where the experimental data cannot be accounted for by a unique structure. Many of the structure calculation protocols involve the use of simulated annealing designed to overcome local minima on the path of the global minimum region of the target function. These calculations can be carried out using any combination of Cartesian, torsion angle and rigid body dynamics and minimization. Currently Xplor-NIH is the most versatile, comprehensive and widely used structure determination/refinement package in NMR structure determination.
Transaction document Xplor international is a technical association that focuses on the best practices and technologies associated with these documents.
Electronic Document Professional It requires candidates to be in the industry for 2+ years and have successfully completed 5 days of Xplor Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certified courses, or the equivalent.