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Kronach The rivers Haßlach, Kronach and Rodach unite in Kronach.
Kronach Kronach is the birthtown of Lucas Cranach the Elder and Maximilian von Welsch, as well as Johann Kaspar Zeuss and bishop Josef Stangl.
Kronach Kronach is a town in Oberfranken, Bavaria, Germany, located in the Frankenwald area. It is the capital of the district Kronach.
Kronach During the first world war this was the site of an Officers' Prisoner of War camp.
Kronach The town is equipped with a nearly complete city-wall and Germany's biggest medieval fortress (Festung Rosenberg). The headquarters of German television and AV equipment manufacturer, Loewe, is located here but will be moved to Munich after a restructuring of the company.
Kronach In 1634 during the Thirty Years' War the town was successfully defended against a German Swedish army with the help of the town women.
Kronach (Haßlach) The Kronach is a river in Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. It is about 5 miles (8 km) long and is formed from the confluence of the rivers Kremnitz and Grümpel, south of Wilhelmsthal. From there it flows in a generally southerly direction to its confluence with the Haßlach at the town of Kronach. The ST2200 road, which connects those two places, follows its valley.
Kronach Lorin The Kronach Lorin was a small ramjet engine, for aircraft propulsion, that was statically tested in Vienna during the latter stages of World War II. It was intended to be used in the German interceptor planes Lippisch P.13a and Lippisch P.13b.
FC Kronach In the Bayernliga for the first time, in 1971–72, "Kronach" was struggling against relegation, eventually finishing 16th and three points from safety. Back in the Landesliga, "FCK" was not able to repeat past performances, coming eighth in their first year back and, after that, only achieving lower table finishes. Eventually, at the end of the 1977–78 season, the side was relegated back to the Bezirksliga.
FC Kronach Back in Bavaria's highest league for a second stint, the club narrowly avoided relegation in their first year there, coming 13th and just a point clear of relegation. The following season, 1988–89, "Kronach" was only able to win three games and finished a distant last, 13 points clear of salvation.