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VfB Hermsdorf The side was founded as "Hermsdorfer Sport Club" on 16 June 1916 in the Restaurant Knoblich. With the onset of World War I the club came close to folding as large number of the club's members were called away to the army. In order to continue to play, many of the remaining footballers joined "Berliner FC Favorit 1896". After the conflict the club resumed play in 1919, but abandoned their old name to play as "Verein für Bewegungsspiele Hermsdorf 1916" in order to avoid being confused with a similarly named tennis club.
VfB Hermsdorf The club won its way back to the Verbandsliga Berlin (V) in 1998 and played at that level until 2016 when it was relegated to the Landesliga.
Hermsdorf (Berlin) First mentioned in 1200, it was an autonomous municipality merged into Berlin in 1920 with the "Greater Berlin Act". During the Cold War, as part of West Berlin bordering East Germany, it was crossed by the Berlin Wall from 1961 to 1989 at its border with the municipality of Glienicke/Nordbahn.
Hermsdorf (Verwaltungsgemeinschaft) The "Verwaltungsgemeinschaft" Hermsdorf consists of the following municipalities:
VfB Hermsdorf "VfB" and "Turn- und Sportvereininigung 1899 Hermsdorf" were brought together following the war on 1 June 1945 as "Sportgruppe Hermsdorf". "TSV" was the product of the 1920 merger of "Deutscher Turnverein Theodor Körner Hermsdorf" (14 June 1866) and "Turnverein Jahn Hermsdorf" (1906). In May 1947 the club re-adopted its traditional name.
VfB Hermsdorf After a number of seasons in lower division play "Hermsdorf" climbed to the Amateurliga Berlin (II) in 1955 where they had an unremarkable eight-year run. Following the establishment of the Bundesliga, Germany's new professional first division league, the country's football competition was re-structured and Hermsdorf became a third division side. They qualified for the Regionalliga Berlin (II) in 1965 and played at that level for three seasons before being relegated to the Amateurliga Berlin (III) and then slipping to lower level play by the late 60s. VfB Hermsdorf made a single season re-appearance in the Amateurliga in 1970–71 before falling to lower level local competition.
Hermsdorf (Berlin) Hermsdorf is served by the Berlin S-Bahn line S1 at the station Berlin-Hermsdorf.
Hermsdorf, Saxony Hermsdorf is a municipality in the Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge district, in Saxony, Germany.
VfB Hermsdorf Through the 20s and into the early 30s "VfB Hermsdorf" played second division football for the most part with only a single season appearance 1932–33 in the upper tier Oberliga Berlin. Following the outbreak of World War II it became increasingly difficult to field a side and the club suspended play in 1943.
Hermsdorf (Berlin) It is situated in the north of the city, bordering the Brandenburger municipality of Glienicke/Nordbahn (Oberhavel district). It borders the Berliner localities of Frohnau, Tegel, Waidmannslust and Lübars. It also borders the forest of Tegel and part of its territory is included in Barnim Nature Park.