Top 10 similar words or synonyms for can

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for can

Article Example
Эдвард Кеннедӣ Freeze! How your can help prevent nuclear war. - Toronto, 1982.
Барномаҳои озод It is often wondered why individuals would make the effort to participate and contribute to free software, as such contributions can be very costly in terms of effort or time.
Глория Гейнор Глория Гейнор (, номи аслиаш "Gloria Fowles" — Глория Фаулз; тав. 7 сентябр 1949) — овозхони амрикоӣ аз рӯи стили диско мебошад, ки бо суруди "«I Will Survive»" ва "«Never Can Say Goodbye»" дар ҷаҳон шӯҳрат пайдо кардааст.
Барномаҳои озод Some free software like work on the non-free Microsoft Windows and non-free Unix platforms. Non-free software can work on free platforms, although purists prefer using platforms composed entirely of free software such as GNU/Linux.
Барномаҳои озод One of the reasons is that individuals can earn a living doing so. The Free Software Foundation maintains a service directory of people offering their free software services for hire. It shows free software developers offer their services ranging from $35/hour to $250/hour and some companies rates for support for standard products start at $12,500. Some individuals perceive that they can start their own business at a fraction of the cost of proprietary software if they have the skills and knowledge required, for example many web hosting companies exclusively use free software.
Фурудгоҳи Байн‌алмиллалии Баюн Гуангчжоу Фурудгоҳи Байн‌алмиллалии Баюн Гуангчжоу () — фурудгоҳи ҳамагона (умумӣ) мусофирбарӣ бо Коди ИОТОи CAN аст, ки як бонди фуруди бетон дорад, ва тӯли бонди он 3600 метр аст. Ин фурудгоҳ дар шаҳри гуонг‌жу кишвари Ҷумҳурии Халқии Чин қарор дорад, ва дар баландии 15 метр аз сатҳи баҳр воқеъ шудааст.
Барномаҳои озод Free software gives users the ability to cooperate with each other in enhancing and refining the programs they use. Free software is a pure public good rather than a private good. Companies that contribute to free software can increase commercial innovation amidst the void of patent cross licensing lawsuits. (See mpeg2 patent holders)
Вақти Ҳамоҳангсозии Ҷаҳонӣ As a time scale, UTC divides up time into days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Days are conventionally identified using the Gregorian calendar, but Julian Day Numbers can also be used. Each day contains 24 hours and each hour contains 60 minutes, but the number of seconds in a minute is slightly variable.
Пахта The cottonseed which remains after the cotton is ginned is used to produce cottonseed oil, which after refining can be consumed by humans like any other vegetable oil. The cottonseed meal that is left is generally fed to livestock. In the past, cotton seeds were used by women as an abortifacient.
Барномаҳои озод A copyright owner of copyleft-licensed software can produce and sell a version under any license, in addition to distributing the original version as free software. Many free software companies do this; this does not restrict any rights granted to the users of the copyleft version.