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WikiProject Biography/Infoboxes In addition, other infoboxes may be available that are not listed here but recommended by a particular work group "(see )".
Вақти Ҳамоҳангсозии Ҷаҳонӣ As a time scale, UTC divides up time into days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Days are conventionally identified using the Gregorian calendar, but Julian Day Numbers can also be used. Each day contains 24 hours and each hour contains 60 minutes, but the number of seconds in a minute is slightly variable.
Суруди миллии Мексика Article 43 says that special musical honors may be paid to the President and the flag, but no more than once during the same ceremony.
Суруди миллии Мексика Officially, the national anthem has been translated into the following native languages: Chinanteco, Hña Hñu, Mixteco, Maya, Nahuatl and Tenek. Other native groups have translated the anthem into their respective language, but it has not been sanctioned by the Government.
Вашингтон In 1778, British explorer Captain James Cook sighted Cape Flattery, at the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca, but the straits would not be explored until 1789, by Captain Charles W. Barkley. Further explorations of the straits were performed by Spanish explorers Manuel Quimper in 1790 and Francisco de Eliza in 1791, then by British Captain George Vancouver in 1792.