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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for using

Article Example
Use Me av Bill Withers Til slutt, medan songen tonar ut, innrømmer songaren: «it aint too bad the way you're using me, 'cause I sure am using you to do the things you do».
GPS - Global Positioning System NAVSTAR er eit akronym som står for NAVigation System using Timing And Ranging.
InSight InSight (stutt for "Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport") er ei planlagd NASA-marsferd. Ferda nyttar det same designet som Phoenix-sonden, men skal landa ved ekvator på Mars, og ikkje ved polane slik Phoenix gjorde.
SANAE IV SANAE IV has advanced communications capabilities using both satelitt and radio systems. A permanent satelitt connection to the SANAP headquarters in Cape Town gjer det mogeleg three telephone lines and one fax line, and near-broadbog internet access. Team members i Antarktis enjoy fast internet access which allows them to correspond with colleagues and stay in contact with friends and family.
Manchester Forbausande nok vart fotball "forbode" ved lov i Manchester by i 1908, med følgjande grunngjeving: «Whereas there hath been heretofore great disorder in our town of Manchester, and the inhabitants thereof greatly wronged... by a company of lewd and disorder persons using that unlawful exercise of playing with the football in ye streets of the said town, breaking many men's glass windows at their pleasures, and other great enormities.» (= og andre store uhyrlegheiter).