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အပိုလို ၁၁ Armstrong concluded,
အပိုလို ၁၁ A mounted slowscan TV camera shows Armstrong as he climbs down the ladder to surface.
အပိုလို ၁၁ Aldrin poses on the Moon, allowing Armstrong to photograph both of them using the visor's reflection.
အပိုလို ၁၁ Throughout the descent Aldrin had called out navigation data to Armstrong, who was busy piloting the LM. A few moments before the landing, a light informed Aldrin that at least one of the 67-inch (170 cm) probes hanging from Eagle's footpads had touched the surface, and he said "Contact light!". Three seconds later, Eagle landed and Armstrong said "Shutdown". Aldrin immediately said "Okay, engine stop. ACA - out of detent." Armstrong acknowledged "Out of detent. Auto" and Aldrin continued "Mode control - both auto. Descent engine command override off. Engine arm - off. 413 is in."
အပိုလို ၁၁ When Armstrong again looked outside, he saw that the computer's landing target was in a boulder-strewn area just north and east of a 300 metres (980 ft) diameter crater (later determined to be "West crater", named for its location in the western part of the originally planned landing ellipse). Armstrong took semi-automatic control[18] and, with Aldrin calling out altitude and velocity data, landed at 20:17 UTC on July 20 with about 25 seconds of fuel left.[19]
အပိုလို ၁၁ As the descent began, Armstrong and Aldrin found that they were passing landmarks on the surface 4 seconds early and reported that they were "long": they would land miles west of their target point.
Psychobilly တွင် psychobilly အတွက် အခြေမြဲလာခဲ့သည်။ Los Angeles အခြေစိုက် Hellcat Records တွင် Rancid တီးဝိုင်းမှ Tim Armstrong သည် psychobilly အနုပညာများကို ပြန်လုပ်ခဲ့သည်။ Tiger Army, Devil’s Brigade နှင့် ဒိန်းမတ်အုပ်စု Neckromantix နှင့် Horror Plops တို့ပါဝင်ခဲ့သည်။ သူတို့သည် ၂၀၀၀အစောပိုင်းတွင် Southern California သို့ ပြန်လည်အခြေချခဲ့သည်။
အပိုလို ၁၁ During this period Mission Control used a coded phrase to warn Armstrong that his metabolic rates were high and that he should slow down. He was moving rapidly from task to task as time ran out. However, as metabolic rates remained generally lower than expected for both astronauts throughout the walk, Mission Control granted the astronauts a 15-minute extension.[41]
အပိုလို ၁၁ After describing the surface dust as "very fine-grained" and "almost like a powder",[27] Armstrong stepped off Eagle's footpad and uttered his famous line, "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind"[31][32][33][34][35] six and a half hours after landing.[1] Aldrin joined him, describing the view as "Magnificent desolation."[36]
အပိုလို ၁၁ On the return to Earth, the Guam tracking station failed, which would have prevented communication on the last segment of the Earth return. Repair was not possible until the station director, Charles Force, had his ten-year old son Greg use his small hands to do it. Greg later was thanked by Armstrong.[48]