Top 10 similar words or synonyms for curved

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for curved

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ផលិតកម្មដំណាំស្រូវ Fan type Axial flow Centrifugal, forwards curved Centrifugal, backwards curved
រនាតធុង រនាតធុង is a low-pitched xylophone used in the Khmer classical music of Cambodia. It is built in the shape of a curved, rectangular shaped boat. This instrument plays an important part in the "pinpeat" ensemble. The "roneat thung" is placed on the left of the "roneat ek", a higher-pitched xylophone. The "roneat thung" is analogous to the "ranat thum" of Thai.
ទូរស័ព្ទទំនើប In 2013, the Fairphone company launched its first "socially ethical" smartphone at the London Design Festival to address concerns regarding the sourcing of materials in the manufacturing. In late 2013, QSAlpha commenced production of a smartphone designed entirely around security, encryption and identity protection. In December 2013, the world's first curved-OLED technology smartphones were introduced to the retail market with the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex models.
ផលិតកម្មដំណាំស្រូវ Generally it can be said that the cheaper axial-flow fans provide a higher airflow rate at lower pressure creation and are therefore more suitable for shallow bed batch dryers with low resistance to airflow. They are also being used in re-circulating batch dryers where high air volumes are desired to remove water quickly for short drying time. The more expensive centrifugal fans have higher pressure creation and can overcome the resistance of deeper beds but they have lower airflow rates. When a centrifugal fan is the choice backwards curved rotors should be used because of their non-overloading characteristics.
រនាតឯក The roneat ek (; also called roneat rut) is a xylophone used in the Khmer classical music of Cambodia. It is built in the shape of a curved, rectangular shaped boat. It has twenty-one thick bamboo or hard wood bars that are suspended from strings attached to the two walls. They are cut into pieces of the same width, but of different lengths and thickness. Originally these instruments were highly decorated with inlay and carvings on the sides of the sound box. Now they are simpler. It is one of the instruments used in the "pinpeat" ensemble. In that ensemble, it is placed to the right of the "roneat thung", a lower-pitched xylophone. The "roneat ek" is the analogous equivalent to the Thai xylophone called "ranat ek".
វ័យជំទង់ Puberty occurs through a long process and begins with a surge in hormone production, which in turn causes a number of physical changes. It is the stage of life characterized by the appearance and development of secondary sex characteristics (for example, a deeper voice and larger adam's apple in boys, and development of breasts and more curved and prominent hips in girls) and a strong shift in hormonal balance towards an adult state. This is triggered by the pituitary gland, which secretes a surge of hormonal agents into the blood stream, initiating a chain reaction to occur. The male and female gonads are subsequently activated, which puts them into a state of rapid growth and development; the triggered gonads now commence the mass production of the necessary chemicals. The testes primarily release testosterone, and the ovaries predominantly dispense estrogen. The production of these hormones increases gradually until sexual maturation is met. Some boys may develop gynecomastia due to an imbalance of sex hormones, tissue responsiveness or obesity.
កាបូន Fullerenes are a synthetic crystalline formation with a graphite-like structure, but in place of hexagons, fullerenes are formed of pentagons (or even heptagons) of carbon atoms. The missing (or additional) atoms warp the sheets into spheres, ellipses, or cylinders. The properties of fullerenes (split into buckyballs, buckytubes, and nanobuds) have not yet been fully analyzed and represent an intense area of research in nanomaterials. The names ""fullerene"" and ""buckyball"" are given after Richard Buckminster Fuller, popularizer of geodesic domes, which resemble the structure of fullerenes. The buckyballs are fairly large molecules formed completely of carbon bonded trigonally, forming spheroids (the best-known and simplest is the soccerball-shaped C buckminsterfullerene). Carbon nanotubes are structurally similar to buckyballs, except that each atom is bonded trigonally in a curved sheet that forms a hollow cylinder. Nanobuds were first reported in 2007 and are hybrid bucky tube/buckyball materials (buckyballs are covalently bonded to the outer wall of a nanotube) that combine the properties of both in a single structure.
ហ្វ្រេង្ស ផ្លយរ៉ាយស៍ Wright turned 80 shortly after WWII ended, yet remained busy as ever. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City occupied Wright for 16 years (1943–1959) and is probably his most recognized masterpiece. The building rises as a warm beige spiral from its site on Fifth Avenue; its interior is similar to the inside of a seashell. Its unique central geometry was meant to allow visitors to easily experience Guggenheim's collection of nonobjective geometric paintings by taking an elevator to the top level and then viewing artworks by walking down the slowly descending, central spiral ramp, the floor of which is embedded with circular shapes and triangular light fixtures to complement the geometric nature of the structure. However, when the museum was completed, a number of details of Wright's design were ignored, such as his desire for the interior to be painted off-white. Further, the Museum currently designs exhibits to be viewed by walking up the curved walkway rather than walking down from the top level.