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អឝ្វតថាមន It is said in ancient scriptures that "If God is angry at you, Guru can save you. But if Guru is angry at you, even God cannot save you". Alternate theories suggest that as per the words in scriptures Aswatthama sought the help of his gurus and escaped the wrath of God. Maharashi Ashwathama lives along with his mother Kripi and his maternal uncle sage Kripa, both being great yogis somewhere in the Himalayas.
អឝ្វតថាមន Ashwatthama, the powerful son of Drona, though known as the part incarnate of Rudra, was really born of the four parts of Yama, Rudra,Kama(Cupidity) and Krodha(Anger). Just before Mahabaratha war, Bhishma himself declared that it will be virtually impossible for anyone to kill or defeat Ashwatthama in war as he is the part incarnate of Lord Shiva. Bhishma said when Ashwatthama becomes angry then it will be impossible to fight him as he becomes a second Siva. No one can handle his wrath and fury.
អឝ្វតថាមន Dhrishtadyumna begged for mercy at the foot of Ashvatthama. He strangled Dhrishtadyumna to death and fought with entire remaining Pandava army alone.He moved on and fought with Shikhandi,Uttamaujas and many other prominent warriors of the Pandava army and killed all of them in direct fight.None of them was able to resist Ashvatthama empowered by Lord Shiva.Those who tried to flee from Ashwatthama's wrath, were hacked down by Kripacharyya and Kritavarma at the camp's entrance.Siva ganas assisted Ashwatthama, attacked and killed the Pandavas and Panchalas and feasted upon them.Hearing the loud noise inside the camp Upapandavas came with weapons and Ashvatthama fought with them and killed all of them. After destroying the entire Pandava camp, Ashwatthama proceeds towards Duryodana with the cut off heads of 5 Pandava sons.He told Duryodhana that he only managed to kill the Pandava's children as the Pandavas were not not there, and this makes Duryodhana happy, as that means the Pandava lineage would die out.Ashwatthama told Duryodhana.
ហ្ស៉េន This growing influence, and the need to be supported by patrons, is reflected in the campaign of Shenhui (670–762) for imperial patronage. Shenhui was a successor to Hui-neng (惠能; 638–713), a minor student of Hongren. At 731 Shenhui started to propagate that Huineng was the real successor of Hongren's, instead of the then publicly recognized successor Shenxiu. A dramatic story of Huineng's life was created, as narrated in the Platform Sutra, which tells that there was a contest for the transmission of the title of patriarch. After being chosen by Hongren, the fifth patriarch, Huineng had to flee by night to Nanhua Temple in the south to avoid the wrath of Hongren's jealous senior disciples. The "Diamond Sutra" was incorporated into the story as being the favorite sutra of Huineng, thereby shifting the alleged textual basis of the Chán-school again. Shenhui succeeded in his campaign, and Huineng came to be regarded as the Sixth Patriarch. Shenxiu's Northern School was denigrated as "gradual", in opposition to the self-acclaimed "sudden" approach of Shenhui's Southern School. Shenhui's story was so influential that all surviving schools regard Huineng as their ancestor.
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