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Vagin Vagin (Vaguine) () is a Russian surname that may refer to:
Merkury Vagin Merkuriya Island was named after this pioneering Russian explorer.
Dmitri Vagin Dmitri Leonidovich Vagin (; born 23 July 1990) is a Russian football striker.
Dmitri Vagin He made his debut in the Russian Second Division for FC Kaluga on 29 August 2011 in a game against FC Avangard Kursk.
Merkury Vagin Merkury Vagin (Russian: "Меркурий Вагин") (died 1712) was a Russian Arctic explorer.
Merkury Vagin In 1712, together with Yakov Permyakov, Merkury Vagin explored the region of the eastern Laptev Sea coast. His exploration included Bolshoy Lyakhovsky Island, the southernmost of the New Siberian Archipelago. With a group of Cossacks they crossed the Yana Bay over the ice from the mouth of the Yana; after reaching Bolshoy Lyakhovsky, they explored the then unknown island that had been reported by Permyakov two years earlier.
Merkury Vagin Vagin and Permyakov were murdered on the way back from their exploration by mutineering expedition members. The cossacks took the dead bodies down to the ice and set them on fire. No one knows what the rebellious cossacks did with the ashes, but Merkury Vagin's remains were never found.
Vladimir Vladimirovich Vagin Vladimir Vladimirovich Vagin (; born 16 March 1982) is a former Russian professional football player.
Vladimir Vagin (illustrator) Vladimir Vasilʹevich Vagin (born 30 March 1937) is a Russian illustrator of books. With the writer Frank Asch he created "Here Comes the Cat!" (Si︠u︡da idet kot!), a 32-page children's picture book published by Scholastic Books in 1989. It was awarded the Russian National Book Award and was considered the first Russian-American collaboration on a children's book. 25th Anniversary Edition of "Here Comes the Cat!" was reissued in July 2011 by McSweeney's McMullens (bilingual text) . Vagin moved to the United States in 1990 and currently lives in Vermont. He and Asch won the Picture Books Golden Duck Award in 1996 for their collaboration "Insects from Outer Space" (Scholastic, 1995).
Yana Bay In 1712 Yakov Permyakov and his companion Merkury Vagin, the first recorded Russian explorers of the area, crossed the Yana Bay on dogsled from the mouth of the Yana River to Bolshoy Lyakhovsky over the ice in order to explore the then unknown island. Unfortunately Permyakov and Vagin were killed on the way back from their exploration by mutineering expedition members.