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Article Example
Sari, Iran No-Tekiyeh, Peyvandi, Pir Tekiyeh, Pol-e Gardan, Posht-e Nim-e
Sahebeh Rouhani She is the daughter of Abdolazim Arabi and Sareh-Khaton Peyvandi. Sareh-Khaton Peyvandi is also Rouhani's aunt, and died on 22 March 2016. She was married with Hassan Rouhani, a clerical student at the time in 1968. The couple had 5 children, the eldest of whom died in 1992. She does not participate in politics and spends her time engaged in charitable affairs. In July 2014, she started the construction of ten kindergartens.
Sari, Iran The population density of some neighborhoods in downtown (for example: Mirzazamani, Peyvandi, Sang) is greater than 20,000 per square kilometer. Note that before 1950, the population of the city during the summer was less than in winter. This influenced estimations, such that an estimate done in summer might be inaccurate.