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caelles    0.878970

peyvandi    0.872172

gabbianelli    0.867666

walicke    0.866620

pedeutour    0.862931

scharfmann    0.862161

vikkula    0.858820

rojotte    0.858555

kobinger    0.856833

kunstfeld    0.856461

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Pinus aristata It is a long-lived tree, though not attaining the longevity of "Pinus longaeva". The oldest known tree, which grows high on Black Mountain in Colorado, was found to have at 2,435-year tree ring record (and overall estimated age of 2,480 years, per Craig Brunstein) in 1992. However, trees rarely live over 1,500 years.
Langenholtensen The village's arms or blazon were granted on October 1 1951. The lower part of the arms symbolize the Luther-oak in the village, planted in 1833 and now a natural monument. It is symbolized by the oak leaves and the Luther rose with the cross, taken from the arms of German reformer Martin Luther. The chief shows a staff, symbol of the Amt Brunstein court, which was situated in Langenholtensen.