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Torah scroll (Yemenite) Unlike the scribal tradition of Ashkenaz and Sepharad which is to make the "nun" (נ) of נצר חסד לאלפים in Exodus of large size, in the Yemenite Jewish tradition the "nun" is of regular size. Rabbi Yihye Bashiri, in his "Havatzelet HaSharon", brings down other traditions concerning the writing of large and small letters in the Torah scroll, but which traditions were not practised in Yemen, and therefore ought to be reckoned as his sole opinion (since they are not mentioned by the renowned Yemenite scribe David Benayah, neither are they written in the Hibshoosh Codex, nor mentioned by the last Chief Rabbi of Yemen, Rabbi Amram Qorah, or in the vast majority of Yemenite codices. Rabbi Yihye Bashiri had, apparently, culled these other traditions from the writings of the kabbalists and other rabbinic scholars outside of Yemen, and wished to incorporate them in the Yemenite tradition, but which practices had never taken hold in Yemen.