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Richard Pestell He subsequently conducted clinical training in Internal Medicine, Oncology and Endocrinology, and was awarded the Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians (FRACP). He received a Ph.D. and M.D. from the University of Melbourne.[4] As the recipient of the Neal Hamilton Fairley Fellowship, and Winthrop Fellowship he became a Postdoctoral Clinical and Research Fellow in Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Medicine at Harvard Medical School.[1][3]
Richard Pestell Third, Pestell defined key target genes required for breast cancer stem cell expansion in vivo including p21Cip1, c-Jun, the canonical NF-κB pathway, and the cell fate determination pathway protein DACH1.[8]
Richard Pestell Pestell is the founder of two biotechnology companies (ProstaGene and LightSeed) and holds many patents in the areas of cancer diagnostics, therapeutics and technologies.
Richard Pestell Pestell has been or is a member of the advisory board of domestic and international research and clinical institutes, including Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Unit (UK), Institute of Bio-organic Chemistry (Russia).
John Pestell He returned to Rhodesia as a police sergeant, and resumed his career. On 30 June 1965 he retired from the police force as an Assistant Commissioner to take up the position of Private Secretary to the Governor, Sir Humphrey Gibbs. After the beleaguered Governor eventually resigned and left Government House in 1969 Pestell returned with him (The Governor did not return to the United Kingdom. He simply visited to take leave of Her Majesty the Queen. Sir John stayed on while Sir Humphrey returned to Southern Rhodesia.)to the United Kingdom. His diary of the post UDI years with Gibbs is especially illuminating for the historians of the period, though it is as yet unpublished. Pestell subsequently became chief adjudicator on immigration appeals at Heathrow Airport, retiring after 17 years.