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Henke Henke is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Adolph Henke Adolph Christian Heinrich Henke (13 April 1775 in Braunschweig – 8 August 1843) was a German physician and pharmacologist known for his work in medical forensics. He was father-in-law to anatomist Rudolf Wagner (1805-1864).
Adolph Henke Following studies at the Collegium Carolinum in Braunschweig, he continued his education at the University of Helmstedt, where one of his instructors was chemist Lorenz von Crell (1744-1816). Afterwards, he studied medicine with surgeon August Gottlieb Richter (1742-1812) and obstetrician Friedrich Benjamin Osiander (1759-1822) at the University of Göttingen, subsequently receiving his doctorate in 1799 at Helmstedt.
Vanessa Henke Vanessa Henke (born 15 January 1981) is a former German professional tennis player. Henke has numerous ITF titles. Her career high singles ranking is No.137, achieved on 26 September 2005. As of 29 August 2011 she is ranked no. 648 in singles. Her career high doubles ranking is no. 110, achieved on 8 July 2002. As of 29 August 2009 she is 511th in doubles.
Werner Henke Henke was raised in Rudak, a small village just outside Thorn. When Thorn became part of Poland in 1920, the Henke family moved to Celle in the Province of Hanover. Henke joined the "Reichsmarine" in April 1934 after several years in the merchant marine.
Werner Henke Henke was captured when "U-515" was sunk at 15:10 on 9 April 1944 in the mid-Atlantic north of Madeira at by bombs from the US escort carrier and depth charges from the destroyer escorts , , and . 40 survivor were taken on by the warships.
Werner Henke Henke was interned in the interrogation center known as P. O. Box 1142 in Fort Hunt, Virginia, where his interrogators threatened to hold him to his agreement to cooperate or be extradited to England to face war crime charges. On 15 June 1944, he dashed to the fence of the interrogation center and began to climb over. He continued to climb after being ordered to stop and a guard shot him dead with a sub-machine gun.
Karl Henke Henke was intended to lead Operation "Nordlicht", the attempt to take Leningrad in 1942, but when this was cancelled was transferred to the Crimea, where the Seventeenth Army was eventually trapped by Soviet forces. Here, Henke organised the evacuation of troops across the Strait of Kerch, an action for which he received the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, and from the Kuban bridgehead. Promoted to Major-General, and appointed the senior commander of "Wehrmacht" landing operations, Henke oversaw the evacuation of German troops from islands in the Baltic Sea and from Estonia late in 1944.
Robert Henke Since 1995 he has produced electronic music under the name "Monolake", which he founded in collaboration with Gerhard Behles.
Alfred Henke Henke died on 24 February 1946, not long after the end of the Second World War. His estate is maintained by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, and includes correspondence with Karl Radek, Franz Mehring, Anton Pannekoek, Philipp Scheidemann, Karl Kautsky, Clara Zetkin, and Paul Frölich, in addition to manuscripts, records, and collections of letters relating to the SPD during the First World War and the German Revolution.