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Baier Baier is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Bret Baier On December 23, 2008, Brit Hume anchored his final show and announced Baier would replace him as anchor of "Special Report". He hosted his first show as permanent anchor on January 5, 2009.
Kurt Baier Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Baier studied law at the University of Vienna. In 1938, after the Anschluss he had to abandon his studies, and went to the United Kingdom as a refugee, where he was interned as a "friendly enemy alien" and sent to Australia on the "Dunera". There he began studying philosophy. Baier received his B.A. from the University of Melbourne in 1944, and his M.A. in 1947. In 1952, he received his DPhil at Oxford University.
Kurt Baier In "The Rational and the Moral Order" (1995), Baier attempted to answer the question by interpreting morality as a system of reasons of mutual benefit that are appropriate for contexts in which everyone's following self-interested reasons would have suboptimal results for everyone. So interpreted, moral reasons apply only when there exists an adequate enforcement system that makes acting against those reasons unprofitable. Morality so construed never requires any degree of altruism or self-sacrifice; it only requires that people act upon reasons of mutual benefit. Given this interpretation of morality, it is not possible for the egoist to do better by acting against morality. So construed, morality and egoism do not really conflict. This solution to the problem of the justification of morality bears some resemblance to the one offered by David Gauthier in "Morals By Agreement" (1986), a philosopher who was also inspired by Baier’s work and who later joined Baier as a colleague at the University of Pittsburgh in 1980.
Benjamin Baier Baier began his career with Kickers Offenbach, making his debut in November 2007 as a substitute for Denis Epstein in a 2–1 defeat to SpVgg Greuther Fürth in the 2. Bundesliga. Offenbach were relegated at the end of the 2007–08 season, and Baier spent the following two years playing for the club in the 3. Liga, before joining RB Leipzig of the Regionalliga Nord in 2010. A year later he returned to the 3. Liga, and Hessen, to sign for SV Darmstadt 98. In the 2013-14 season Darmstadt finished in third place, and won promotion to the 2. Bundesliga after a dramatic win over Arminia Bielefeld in the playoff. Baier would leave the club at the end of the season, though, joining Regionalliga West side Rot-Weiss Essen.
Maik Baier Maik Baier is a German racing cyclist who represents Germany in BMX. He was selected to represent Germany at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the men's BMX event.
Lothar Baier Lothar Baier (Born Karlsruhe 16 May 1942: died Montreal 11 July 2004) was a German author, publisher, translator and co-founder of the Literary periodical text + kritik.
Lothar Baier He was accepted as one of the most profound German thinkers of the Francophone World and was recognized with the 1982 Jean Améry Prize for Essayists and with the 2003 Gerrit Engelke Prize. Baier published amongst others in the "Merkur", in the "Kursbuch" and in the Deutschlandfunk and was for many years the editor of the Die Wochenzeitung (WOZ) in Zürich.
Paul Baier Baier was drafted in the third round, 95th overall, by the Los Angeles Kings in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft. Prior to playing professional hockey, Baier attended Brown University.
Paul Baier On July 29, 2013, he was signed to a one-year deal, alongside his younger brother Eric, as a free agent with the Orlando Solar Bears of the ECHL. After just 12 games with the Solar Bears, Baier announced his retirement midseason on January 23, 2014.