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qinggang    0.899487

baohua    0.892106

weicheng    0.889276

fucheng    0.888581

guangchang    0.888006

jixiang    0.887546

jiafu    0.885886

shangzhi    0.885606

yucheng    0.885196

qifeng    0.884746

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Liang Guihua Liang Guihua is a Chinese cyclist. He won the gold medal at the Men's C2 3000 meter individual pursuit event at the 2016 Summer Paralympics with 3:44.553. He also won the bronze medal at the Men's road time trial C2 event, with 28:17.77.
Jia Guihua Jia Guihua (born 31 January 1964) is a Chinese fencer. He competed in the individual and team sabre events at the 1988 and 1992 Summer Olympics.
Poetry of Mao Zedong Line 1: Ninghua, Qingliu, Guihua are all places in Fujian
Hohhot There were over 50 Ming and Qing Buddhist temples and towers in Guihua and Suiyuan.
Russians in China In 1931, the Kumul Rebellion broke out in Xinjiang, and the Province Army was defeated by Ma Zhongying's troops. So Jin Shuren ordered Zhang Peiyuan to form the Guihua army. The conscripted Russians were organized as the 1st Guihua Cavalry under the regimental commander Mogutnov. Later the cavalry were expanded into two groups, with Antonov and Bapingut as the commanders. Zhang Peiyuan commanded the Guihua Army and the Province Army finally defeated Ma's army, reoccupied Zhenxi and raised the siege of Hami. In 1932, the peasants of Turpan rebelled under the lead of Makhsut, but were beaten down by Guihua Army. Near the Chinese New Year Eve of 1933, the capital Ürümqi was besieged by Ma Shimin's units during the Battle of Urumqi (1933), Jin Shuren formed the 2nd Guihua Cavalry and repulsed them.