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Duan Qifeng Duan Qifeng competed in the 2004 Summer Paralympics where he won three medals. He won gold in the F12 triple jump and a bronze in the F12 long jump, he was also part of the gold medal winning Chinese 4x100m relay team.
Xia Qifeng Xia Qifeng (; 1888 – September 12, 1961) was a politician, diplomat and journalist in the Republic of China. He engaged in foreign affairs in the Beiyang Government and the Nationalist Government. In the end, he became an important politician during the Reformed Government of the Republic of China and the Reorganized National Government of China (Republic of China-Nanjing). His former name was Yun (). He was born in Taizhou, Jiangsu.
Xia Qifeng Later he returned to China, was appointed labor and diplomatic editor of the "Eastern Times" in 1919 and assisted in the organization of the Returned Chinese Laborers Association, whose president he became. In 1921 Xia Qifeng went to Europe again as special correspondent for "Eastern Times" in France (Paris) and Switzerland. He also became unofficial publicity agent for the Chinese delegation to the League of Nations at Geneva 1923-28. In 1923 he was appointed a clerical employee of the League of Nations Secretariat. In 1928 he returned to China, and became a reporter of "Daily Revolution ()". From 1932 until 1934, he worked as a member of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' Treaty Commission in the Nationalist Government.
Sun Qifeng Sun Qifeng (1583–1675; 孫奇逢; Sun Ch'i-feng in Wade Giles) was a native of Rongcheng County in Zhili Province. He passed the imperial examination for "xiucai" when only thirteen years of age, and graduated as "juren" in 1600; but disgusted with the prospects of the Ming dynasty, clouded by the development of eunuch dominion, he devoted himself to a life of study and retirement. Often invited to take office by Emperors both of the Ming and Qing dynasties, he ever steadfastly declined; though in 1636 he did take part in the successful defence of Roncheng against Li Zicheng. He is one of the most famous masters of Confucian ethics, and his works on the Four Books etc. have been recommended to students by Zhang Zhidong. He also wrote on Ceremonial, and published the lives of eleven famous Confucians. He taught in a college near Suzhou during the last twenty-five years of his life, and in 1828 he was admitted into the Confucian Temple.
Yue Qifeng Yue Qifeng () (December 1931 – March 24, 2008) was a People's Republic of China politician. He was born in Daming County, Hebei Province. In January 1945, at the age of 13, he joined the Communist Party of China. He was governor of his home province (1990).