Top 10 similar words or synonyms for detested

loathed    0.870121

disdained    0.830621

abhorred    0.817900

despised    0.789390

reviled    0.786869

mistrusted    0.780597

disparaged    0.780058

distrusted    0.760160

denigrated    0.752670

belittled    0.749610

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for detested

Article Example
Transformational grammar Chomsky's advisor, Zellig Harris, took transformations to be relations between sentences such as "I finally met this talkshow host you always detested" and simpler (kernel) sentences "I finally met this talkshow host" and "You always detested this talkshow host".
Dickens in America The two things that Dickens detested the most about America were slavery
François d'Aubusson de La Feuillade He was detested by Louis de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon.
These Old Shades farm labourer’s son to prevent the Comte’s detested brother from inheriting the Comte’s title.
Shrewsbury Drapers Company He said monopolies were "to be detested", and could not be justified by "reason of state."
Martin Cahill Frances Cahill's memoir, "Martin Cahill, My Father", alleges the General detested and steered clear of the drug trade.
Dragon Eye (manga) is known for being "dangerous, difficult and its captain detested". It is a squadron branch of Troop Mizora of the Enforcement Corps.
Nand Peeters In 1945 he married Paula Langbeen, with whom he had six children, and who was his book-keeper all his life—Peeters detested all administrative work.
Herbert Beerbohm Tree According to Tree's biographers, critics and audiences considered Tree to be the best character actor of his day. He himself detested the term "character actor", saying:
William Howard, 3rd Baron Howard of Escrick He was one of the most detested and despised men of his age: John Evelyn called him " that monster of a man".