Top 10 similar words or synonyms for loathed

detested    0.870121

reviled    0.803957

disdained    0.798387

scorned    0.770046

envied    0.768888

disparaged    0.767057

abhorred    0.764630

despised    0.744165

castigated    0.734925

mistrusted    0.733321

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for loathed

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Article Example
Patrick Gleason (politician) The newspapers, which loathed him, refused to publish his photograph.
Youngme Moon Henderson, Maureen J. (April 30, 2013), "Why It's Better For Your Career To Be Loathed Than Liked." ( Forbes.
Graham Kennedy Kennedy himself was aware that Packer "loathed" him:
I'll Take Sweden Howard Thompson of "The New York Times" loathed the film:
Uria Simango "Dos Santos, a man loathed by Mondlane became vice-president.
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da CNN journalist Todd Leopold reported in 2006 that Lennon "loathed" the song.
Enrique Alférez Alférez painted an official portrait of Huey P. Long (who, Alfarez revealed decades later, he loathed).
Harry Wickwire Foster Foster was said to have had a "hands off" style and loathed paperwork.
Lab Architecture Studio Federation Square was met with widespread disapproval, the architects receiving hate mail from people who loathed the design.
Memphis Group The group's colourful furniture has been described as "bizarre", "misunderstood", "loathed", and "a shotgun wedding between Bauhaus and Fisher-Price".