Top 10 similar words or synonyms for regency

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for regency

Article Example
Brasil Pedro I abdicated on 7 April 1831 and went to Europe to reclaim his daughter’s crown which had been usurped by his brother, leaving behind his five year old son and heir, who became Dom Pedro II. As the new emperor could not exert his constitutional powers until he reached maturity, a regency was created. Disputes between political factions led to rebellions and an unstable, almost anarchical, regency. The rebellious factions, however, were not in revolt against the monarchy, even though some declared the secession of the provinces as independent republics, but only so long as Pedro II was a minor. Because of this, he was prematurely declared of age and "Brazil was to enjoy nearly half a century of internal peace and rapid material progress."
Àtòjọ àwọn olórí orílẹ̀-èdè ilẹ̀ Mẹ́ksíkò Between 21 April 1862 to 12 January 1863 Juan Nepomuceno Almonte was recognized by the conservatives as the "Supreme head of the Mexican Nation" and between 20 June 1863 to 25 June 1863, Teodosio Lares was the president the "Assembly Superior of Government of Mexico". In 25 June 1863, the Supreme Executive Power was integrated, and this organization was responsible for convening the creation of the Second Mexican Empire with a creation of the Regency.
Tùnísíà Tunisia je orile-ede to kerejulo to budo si eba oke Atlas. Guusu orile-ede na je kiki aginju Sahara, pelu eyi to to je kiki ile olora ati eti okun . Awon mejeji ko ipa pataki igba atijo, akoko pelu ilu Carthage awon Punic, leyin re bi igberiko ile Romu ni Africa, to gbajumo bi "apere onje /bread basket" ile Romu. Leyin re, Tunisia bo so wo awon Vandals ni orundun 5k LK, awon Byzantine ni orundun 6k, ati awon Arabu ni orundun 8k. Labe Ileobaluaye Ottomani, Tunisia je mimo bi "Iluoba Tunis/Regency of Tunis". O bo sowo ibiabo Fransi ni 1881. Leyin ominira ni 1956 orile-ede na di "Ileoba Tunisia" leyin ijoba Lamine Bey ati Iran-oba Husainid. Pelu ifilole Orile-ede Olominira ara Tunisia ni July 25, 1957, olori aseolorile-ede Habib Bourguiba di aare akoko.