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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for sold

Article Example
لنڈسے اسکیم On March 26, 1908 such bills were sold for the first time. They were known as “Reverse Councils.” In effect they were exactly what the Lindsay plan had recommended to be used when it was necessary to keep exchange up to 1s. 4d, ordinary Councils having the effect of keeping it down to 1s. 4d. Reverse Councils were sold until September, when conditions had improved greatly and the offer was withdrawn. A total of over £8,000,000 was sold; of course, no Council bills were sold during the period.
لنڈسے اسکیم The exchange standard that emerged shortly after the long 14 months of deliberations of the Fowler Committee was styled by Keynes as a gold exchange standard, advocated by Lindsay. But he knew it was really not so. It consisted of a 16d token rupee, unlimited legal tender, freely coined and sold for council bills (or sovereigns, in India), no exchange reserve except coinage profits sent to London, and no legal convertibility of the rupee into sterling or gold, except at London's discretion. The crises of 1906-07 in the US affecting the Bank of England, then famines in India and slackening of world economy, revealed serious cracks. Yet Keynes persisted in shielding India Office.