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shajara    0.976095

chistia    0.972095

immediately    0.970752

hamina    0.968523

ماحوز    0.967871

jmasjid    0.967411

elevated    0.966503

dales    0.966381

договора    0.966351

poaching    0.965992

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for reasons

Article Example
جان مینارڈ کینز "love of money [as] a somewhat disgusting morbidity, one of the semi-criminal, semi-pathological propensities which one hands over with a shudder to specialists in mental disease." "I still think the race (the jews) has shown itself, not merely for accidental reasons, more than normally interested in the accumulation of usury."
فہرست ممالک بلحاظ متوقع زندگی The Global Burden of Disease 2010 study published updated figures in 2012, including recalculations of life expectancies which differ substantially in places from the UN estimates for 2010 (reasons for this are discussed in the freely available appendix to the paper, pages 25–27, currently not available). Although no estimate is given for the sexes combined, for the first time life expectancy estimates have included uncertainty intervals.