Top 10 similar words or synonyms for passed

agreed    0.972850

difficult    0.967154

kellogg    0.961642

honeywell    0.961626

fortune    0.961531

inscribed    0.960326

barriers    0.960226

minds    0.959301

migrations    0.958041

joining    0.957999

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for passed

Article Example
شمس لنگرودی The miracle era has passed
ایبٹ آباد (نظم) And eight good years here passed very soon
بینک آف انگلینڈ It is not surprising, therefore, that, when there was a run on the Bank of England, Parliament intervened. In May of 1696, just two years after the Bank was formed, a law was passed authorizing it to "suspend payment in specie." By force of law, the Bank was now exempted from having to honor its contract to return the gold.