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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for increase

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Genç Dryas 7. Alley, Richard B. et al. (1993). "Abrupt accumulation increase at the Younger Dryas termination in the GISP2 ice core". "Nature" 362 (6420): 527–529. Bibcode:1993Natur.362..527A. doi:10.1038/362527a0.
Cesena Cesena A number have been recorded 96748 people. The population increase is only due to immigration because the natural balance is negative, there's always a few hundred in the city of immigrants per month. These include a number of importers and accounted for by those who living alone, especially women, who are half
Cins belirleme sistemi The [[nematode]] "[[Caenorhabditis elegans|C. elegans]]" is male with one sex chromosome (X0); with a pair of chromosomes (XX) it is a hermaphrodite. Its main sex gene is XOL, which encodes [[XOL-1 Switch protein N-terminal domain|XOL-1]] and also controls the expression of the genes TRA-2 and HER-1. These genes reduce male gene activation and increase it, respectively.
Radyofobi The term "radiophobia" is also sometimes used in the arguments against proponents of the conservative LNT concept (Linear no-threshold response model for ionizing radiation) of radiation security proposed by the U.S. National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) in 1949. The "no-threshold" position effectively assumes, from data extrapolated from the atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that even negligible doses of radiation increase ones risk of cancer linearly as the exposure increases from a value of 0 up to high dose rates. This is a controversial model as the LNT model therefore suggests that radiation exposure from naturally occurring background radiation, the radiation exposure from flying at high altitudes in airplanes, as well as lying next to loved ones for extended periods and the eating of bananas, which are also weakly naturally radioactive (both mostly due to Potassium-40, a naturally occurring radioactive material required for human life) all increase one's chance of cancer.
Geiger sayacı Particle detection of alpha and beta can used in both integral and two-piece designs. A pancake probe (for alpha/beta) is generally used to increase the area of detection in two-piece instruments whilst being relatively light weight. In integral instruments using an end window tube there is a window in the body of the casing to prevent shielding of particles. There are also hybrid instruments which have a separate probe for particle detection and a gamma detection tube within the electronics module. The detectors are switchable by the operator, depending the radiation type that is being measured.
İsrail'in Arap vatandaşları 2003 yılında, Maa’riv gazetesi dönemin Nüfus İdaresi direktörü Herzl Gedj tarafından hazırlanan raporun detaylarını sunan ‘Özel Rapor: Çokeşlilik bir güvenlik tehdididir’ adlı bir makale yayınladı. Rapor, Bedevi bölgelerindeki çokeşliliği bir güvenlik tehdidi olarak adlandırıp, nüfus artışını yavaşlatmanın yollarının bulunması gerektiğini savundu The Population Administration is a department of the Demographic Council, whose purpose, according to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics is: “ increase the Jewish birthrate by encouraging women to have more children using government grants, housing benefits, and other incentives.”. Nüfus İdaresi, Demografik Konseyin bir departmanıdır ve amacı, ‘İsrail’deki yahudi doğum oranını, kadınların, devlet tarafından verilen maddi yardımlarla daha çok çocuk yaparak artırmalarını’ desteklemektir .
Bloodline Champions In Conquest, the players have an infinite amount of respawns but the delay before respawning can increase with time. The teams battle for a number of capture points, and if one team holds all of them, the other team cannot respawn until they capture one of the capture points. To capture a point, the player must stay at that point for a period of time without taking damage or using abilities. The starting point provides a healing aura to the team that started there, and power rune pickups are distributed across the map, allowing champions to temporarily boost their capabilities. A team wins by either killing all the enemy champions while they cannot respawn, or holding the capture points for a set amount of time.
İşlevsellik, Yetiyitimi ve Sağlığın Uluslararası Sınıflandırması An ICF Core Set can serve as a reference framework and a practical tool to classify and describe patient functioning in a more time efficient way. ICF Core Sets can be used along the continuum of care and over the course of a health condition. The ICF classification includes more than 1,400 categories limiting its use in clinical practice. It is time consuming for a clinician to utilize the main volume of the ICF with his or her patients. Only a fraction of the categories is needed. As a general rule, 20% of the codes will explain 80% of the variance observed in practice. ICF Core Sets contain as few as possible, but as many ICF categories as necessary, to describe a patient’s level of functioning. It is hypothesized that using an ICF Core Set will increase the inter-rater reliability when coding clinical cases as only the relevant categories for a particular patient will be utilized. Since all of the relevant categories are listed in an ICF Core Set, its use in multidisciplinary assessments protects health professionals from missing important aspects of functioning.