Top 10 similar words or synonyms for despite

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for despite

Article Example
Stellar Despite the controversy, Marionette became their best selling single,
Crawley Town FC Despite several cup successes, Crawley's most successful cup run at the time was in the 1991–92 season when they reached The FA Cup third round proper and played local rivals Brighton, losing 5–0 in front of 18,301 at the Goldstone Ground.
Fordyce benekleri Vaporising laser treatments such as CO laser or electro desiccation have been used with some success in diminishing the appearance of this condition if they are of cosmetic concern, despite the fact that most doctors consider this a normal physiological phenomenon and advise against treatment.
Ölçü sistemi Metrik sisteme geçiş hemen hemen tüm ülkelerde nerdeyse tamamlanır ya da tamamlanır. Amerikan gelenkeksel birimleri ağırlıkla birleşik devletlerdeve Liberia’nın bazı yerlerinde kullanılır. Geleneksel burmese ölçüm birimleri Burma’da kullanılır. Amerikan birimleri aşırı ticarete dahip olmasından ötürü Kanada’da sınırlı şartlarda kullanılır. Buna ek olarak,ingiliz ölçümleri ve ağırlıkları göze çarpan bir kullanımı vardır., despite de jure Canadian conversion to metric.
Lizbon bölgesi "Despite the territorial configuration for statistical purposes (National Statistical System in Portugal), in force since 2007, matching the NUTS II the Lisbon, Region Greater Lisbon (AML) - composed only NUTSIII Greater Lisbon and Setúbal Peninsula - the area of intervention of the CCDRLVT - Steering Committee and Regional Development, abbreviated to CCDR - (the Lisbon and the Tagus Valley), continues to be composed of 5 NUTSIII (Sub-regions: Greater Lisbon, Setúbal Peninsula, Middle Tagus, and Lezíria West Coast).
Yedinci Haçlı Seferi The Emir Fakhr al-Din organizes numerous skirmishes to harass the Crusaders. On December 7, 1249, six hundred horsemen Muslims attack the Franks between Fariskur and Sharimsâh. They were repulsed, but despite the ban of Louis IX to launch in pursuit of retreating soldiers, wanting to avenge the Templars one of their own doing and kill half the attackers. On December 21, the army arrives near Mansura and installs a camp regularly attacked by Muslims. To attack the city, we must cross a branch of the Nile, Bahr al-Saghir, but Fakhr al-Din holds firmly the other side. Having learned from a deserter Bedouin existence of a ford Salamun, a few kilometers downstream, Louis IX and his army crossed the Bahr al-Saghir February 8, 1250. The Comte d'Artois is one of the first to set foot on the other side and, despite precautionary Templars, began to load the Muslim camp, followed by the Knights Templar who can not give up. The camp is investing, Fakhr al-Din killed and the army routed. But instead of act of wisdom and wait for the arrival of the rest of the royal army, Robert d'Artois goes head to invest Mansura. He joined the city and street to the fortress, still followed the Templars who had tried to reason, but unfortunately for them, the Muslims had gathered around a Mamluk leader, a Baybars, who organizes against attack. All avant-garde is massacred the LA14 day.
Buena Vista Social Club "Buena Vista Social Club" continue to tour throughout the world as Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club, and despite the deaths of six of the original members, the collective performs with many of the remaining ensemble members including Barbarito Torres and "Guajiro" Mirabal. Ry Cooder's guitar parts are handled by Manuel Galbán, a former member of Cuban vocal group Los Zafiros, who played on Ibrahim Ferrer's first solo record with Cooder and appeared in Wim Wenders' film. Following a 2007 performance in London, a reviewer at "The Independent" described the ensemble as "something of an anomaly in music business terms, due to their changing line-up and the fact that they've never really had one defining front person", adding, "It's hard to know what to expect from what is more of a brand than a band."
Steven Universe karakterleri listesi (voiced by Grace Rolek) Steven's closest human friend, Connie is introduced as an intelligent, introverted, and lonely person in the early episode "Bubble Buddies", and she rapidly develops a close relationship with Steven. An avid reader of fantasy literature, she admires what she calls Steven's "magical destiny" and is eager to be a part of it; her increasing involvement in Gem adventures is a long-term plot arc of the show, including learning to fight with a sword belonging to Rose Quartz and coming to see herself as Steven's equal despite not having magical abilities of her own. Another character arc involving Connie is her learning to push back against her strict and overprotective parents.
Steven Universe karakterleri listesi The leaders of the Gem Homeworld and the existing Gem colonies, whom other Gems are created to serve and regard with veneration. Blue Diamond (Lisa Hannigan), who first appears in a flashback in "The Answer", makes her first in-person appearance in the fourth season. Yellow Diamond (Patti LuPone) is shown to be unforgiving and supercilious; at the end of the second season, it is her vindictive disdain towards Earth that led to Peridot's defection to the Crystal Gems. Despite their opposing methods of dealing with various situations, both Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond are motivated by their mutual grief over Pink Diamond, who is revealed at the end of the third season to have been shattered by Rose Quartz during the rebellion. The existence of a fourth, White Diamond, has been inferred by some viewers, such as The Mary Sue's critic Vrai Kaiser; but if she exists, she has not been mentioned by the characters or writers.
Steven Universe karakterleri listesi (voiced by Matthew Moy and Kate Micucci)Employees at the Big Donut, the donut shop that Steven frequently visits. Lars is inconsiderate, irresponsible, and abrasive, but insecure and desperate for the friendship of those he considers to be the "cool kids"; Sadie is friendly and supportive toward Steven. Despite Lars's negative attitude, Steven considers Lars a close friend, and Sadie has a crush on him. Lars and Sadie's intermittently affectionate and antagonistic relationship is a recurring focus of episodes in which both characters feature. Matthew Moy has stated that Lars is one of his favorite acting roles, and has described his character as a "complicated fellow". According to Rebecca Sugar, Lars and Sadie are based upon characters she created while in college. They appeared in both the pilot episode of "Steven Universe" and the first episode of the series proper; they are the only characters other than the Crystal Gems to have speaking roles in either of those episodes.