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aşabilmektedir    0.725971

sunshin    0.718712

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Article Example
Charlyne Yi Charlyne Amanda Yi (d. 4 Ocak 1986), Amerikalı aktris, komedyen, müzisyen, yazar ve ressam.
Steven Universe karakterleri listesi (voiced by Charlyne Yi) – Five Ruby soldiers sent by the Gem Homeworld to locate Jasper during the third season. The five have diverse personalities, but are all played by Charlyne Yi, in a performance that drew praise from critics. They are portrayed as comically gullible, but in the third season finale, when one, a veteran of the war, discovers Steven has the powers of Rose Quartz, she attacks him, vehemently thinking he is Rose Quartz. At the end of the third season, all five Rubies are abandoned to float aimlessly in outer space.