Top 10 similar words or synonyms for abilities

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for abilities

Article Example
Bloodline Champions Healers mix defensive control abilities with respectable damage, but have very limited mobility and low health.
Bloodline Champions The controls in Bloodline Champions are similar to a first-person shooter, as the bloodline's movement is controlled using the W, A, S, and D keys. The primary two abilities are mapped to the left and right mouse buttons, and the rest of the abilities are used with the Q, E, R, F, and space keys. Almost all the abilities are aimed, where the direction of the ability is determined by the position of the cursor on the screen relative to the champion's position. There are two different camera modes; Free Look and Static. The static camera stays over the characters head at all times regardless of the location of the players cursor. The Free Look camera allows the player to control their camera with the cursor. A few defensive abilities are directed by hovering the cursor on the desired recipient, and some abilities target a specific location on the playing field.
Bloodline Champions Alchemists / Simyacılar can use poison to deal significant damage over time, but many of their abilities prevent enemies from dealing damage.
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Bloodline Champions Dört Bloodline kategorisi (karakter modeli) vardır: yakın saldırı (melee attack), menzil saldırısı (ranged attack), tedavi (healer) ve tank. Şu anda yakın saldırı dışındaki her kategoride 5 tane olmak üzere 22 tane Bloodline vardır; yakın saldırıda ise 6 tane vardır. Stunlock Studios yeni bir Bloodline üzerinde çalıştıklarını duyurdu. Each bloodline has seven abilities, two of which have an EX version, an enhanced version of the ability. Each has its own cooldown, as well as triggering short global cooldowns. The seventh ability is an "ultimate" ability that may only be used after gaining sufficient energy through executing other abilities successfully, such as healing allies, damaging enemies, and otherwise helping your team.
Bloodline Champions The objective is to capture both artifacts and bring them back to your own base. Each team begins with one artifact in their base, and the first team to hold both artifacts for a period of time wins the round. The artifacts can be carried and thrown, but lifting one from its starting position takes time and can be interrupted by attacks. The carrier may drop the artifact by using certain abilities as well as receiving attacks by specific enemy abilities. When dropped, the artifact can be instantly picked up after it has sat for a short delay.
The Legend of Korra (1. sezon) In the two-part finale, naval reinforcements led by Iroh (the grandson of Zuko of the original series), are defeated by Equalist sea mines and biplanes. Attempting to find Amon, Korra learns that Tarrlok and Amon are the sons of Yakone, a mob boss defeated 42 years ago by Avatar Aang. Amon strips Korra of her bending abilities; but Korra reveals her dormant airbending abilities in a moment of distress, and exposes Amon as a waterbender, causing all his followers to desert him. He flees with Tarrlok, who detonates their boat on the open sea. Despondent, Korra establishes spiritual contact with her predecessor Aang, who restores her bending powers, allowing her to do the same to Amon's other victims.
Steven Universe karakterleri listesi (animal noises by Dee Bradley Baker)A mysterious pink lion-like creature who protects Steven and possesses a variety of magical abilities. Lion provides Steven with connections to Rose Quartz's legacy—he brings Steven and Connie to Rose's secret armory, and a number of Rose's keepsakes are stored in a pocket dimension in his mane, including her sword and a videotaped message to Steven—but his origin and the nature of his connection to Rose have not yet been revealed. Steven regards Lion as a pet. Lion is introduced in the early episode "Steven's Lion", in which he appears mysteriously in the desert and follows Steven home.
Generator Rex Cartoon Network has featured "Generator Rex and Ben 10 " in their and DC Comicss "Cartoon Network: Action Pack" comic books. Two 3D picture books (featuring cardboard 3D glasses) "EVOs and Heroes," a whole analysis on characters and their abilities and "The Swarm," an adaption of the episode of the same name, where Rex must fight insect E.V.O.s that feed on metal, have also been released. For beginning readers, the story "Leader of the Pack" is also based on an episode and features Rex and Bobo being captured and locked in an underground prison cell.
Bloodline Champions Champions also have HP (Health Points) - when the champion runs out of HP, the champion dies, removing it from combat until the end of the round. Each champion also has two items that grant additional abilities. The Bloodline Medallion allows a champion to recover an increasing amount of HP over a period of time and Resurrect revives nearby fallen teammates. Both items require a significant amount of uninterrupted time to prepare, which makes them impractical in immediate combat. In Conquest and Capture The Artifact modes resurrection skill has been replaced with warp skill that allows you to warp a short distance every 20 seconds.